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Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s Ugly Legacy

In the Syrian rebel’s telling, he’d encountered Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi without even realizing it.It was early in Syria’s civil war, he explained, before the Islamic State surged to global notoriety. The jihadi group was then still in a…

Al Qaeda leader reported killed in Tunisia

A senior leader within al Qaeda’s Uqba bin Nafi Battalion (KUBN) was reportedly killed in a military operation earlier today, according to Tunisia’s Ministry of Interior. Murad al Shayeb was purportedly killed by Tunisian…

Al Qaeda praises recent Shabaab attacks

Banner advertising Ibrahim al Qosi’s message to Shabaab, one of two al Qaeda statements released yesterday. In a statement released online yesterday, al Qaeda’s general command levied heavy praise on Shabaab, its branch in East…

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