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Hill F-35s deploy to Middle East, for third time in a year

A squadron of F-35 fighters from the 388th and 419th fighter wings at Hill Air Force Base in Utah deployed to Al Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates on May 20, the 388th said in a release Monday. The deployment of pilots from the 421st Fighter Squadron, as well as maintainers from the 421st Aircraft Maintenance Unit, marks the third time in about 12 months that F-35s from Hill’s 388th and 419th have deployed for combat in the Middle East, the 388th said. There are 78 F-35s stationed at Hill. Deploying airmen with the 388th and 419th Fighter ... Read more

USAF B-1B Lancers practiced anti-ship missile strikes in Black Sea

A pair of B-1B Lancer bombers on a long-range training flight Friday to Europe practiced how it would use a long-range missile designed to target and destroy enemy ships. In a Monday release, U.S. Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa said that the B-1s, from the 28th Bomb Wing at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, trained on the Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile during the Bomber Task Force mission to the Black Sea region. USAFE posted photos of the B-1s’ flight on Friday, shortly after it happened, but did not detail the LRASM portion of their mission until Monday. The ... Read more

Air Force finishes changing official song

The Air Force is rolling out the final tweaks to its official song to remove the last references to just men, and make it more inclusive of the women in the service. In an interview May 19, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Dave Goldfein said that the line “at ‘em boys, give ‘er the gun” in the first verse of the U.S. Air Force Song will be changed to “at ‘em now, give ‘em the gun.” And in a release Friday, the Air Force outlined additional changes to the well-known song, which begins “Off we go, into the wild ... Read more

New Air-Ops Software to Get 5G Test Outside Las Vegas

The Air Force will build a 5G network at Nellis AFB, the latest U.S. base to host experiments with the next-gen comms gear. The U.S. Air Force aims to start testing prototype air-operations software over a new 5G network early next year at Nellis Air Force Base, one of several military facilities where the next-generation mobile communications gear is being tried out. Construction on the network is to begin in July; testing in January. Officials at Nellis will be looking for software to “support distributed planning and mission-execution functions” for Air Wing Operations Centers under what they call a “variety of ... Read more

Watch the Space Force’s new stargazing recruiting ad

The Space Force just dropped a new recruiting ad — one designed to stoke the sci-fi dreams of people thinking about joining the nascent service. The ad, titled “Make History,” leans hard into imagery of space exploration, with shots of an observatory, the X-37B spaceplane, a rocket blasting off into outer space, a space-suited astronaut, a space station, and a colorful nebula. (Even though Space Force members aren’t actually going into space anytime soon, but that’s neither here nor there.) There’s also images of service members in a hyper-advanced, holographic mission control center that looks a lot more Starship Enterprise ... Read more

Army Invites Air Force ABMS To Big Network Test: Project Convergence « Breaking Defense

SOURCE: Army Multi-Domain Operations Concept, December 2018. WASHINGTON: Damn the pandemic, full speed ahead. The four-star chief of Army Futures Command plans to hold a high-tech field test in the southwest desert this fall, COVID-19 or no. Called Project Convergence, the exercise will test sharing of targeting data amongst the Army’s newest weapons, including aerial scouts, long-range missile launchers and armored vehicles. The Army also wants to plug in its new anti-aircraft and missile defense systems, AFC head Gen. Mike Murray told reporters, but those technologies are at a critical juncture in their own individual test programs – some of ... Read more

OCP uniform dates delayed due to coronavirus

The Air Force has delayed the dates airmen are required to wear certain parts of the new Operational Camouflage Uniform, to try to reduce stress during the coronavirus crisis. In a release Wednesday, the Air Force said that uniform changes for the OCP, as well as the two-piece flight duty uniform, that were to become mandatory on June 1 will now be required as of Sept. 1. The delayed OCP changes are: * Spice brown officer ranks for all except first lieutenant and lieutenant colonel, which will be black. * The spice brown U.S. flag, which will be mandatory for ... Read more

Joint AI Center Turns To Air Force cloudONE As JEDI Stalls « Breaking Defense

Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan WASHINGTON: The legal battle over the JEDI cloud-computing contract has slowed down the Pentagon’s AI program, the director of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center acknowledges. In the meantime, Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan told an AFCEA webcast last week, JAIC will turn to a new Air Force program our longtime readers are already familiar with: cloudONE. Cloud computing matters for AI because machine-learning algorithms need lots of data and lots of processing power. A shared cloud can offer both with far greater efficiencies of scale than any single organization’s in-house network. JEDI was meant to provide a single ... Read more

Air Force punished black airmen more, report says — and covered it up

The Air Force has failed to fix longstanding racial differences in its military justice system that led to black airmen being punished disproportionately more, according to a new report from the advocacy group Protect Our Defenders. The group also accused the Air Force of trying to cover up data showing racial disparities in punishments by repeatedly concealing records of a working group set up to fix the problem, embellishing what it had done, and trying to discredit its own statistics. “The Air Force fought for almost three years to conceal its failure to address racial disparities in its criminal justice ... Read more

Air Force fails to deal with racial disparities in military justice, report says – Air Force

Air Force fails to deal with racial disparities in military justice, report says The Air Force has failed to make reforms to fix racial disparities within its justice system and withheld documents to hide its “abysmal record,” a watchdog group said. “The Air Force has concealed records and discredited its own statistics, with leadership later doubting that disparities were as severe as their own data reveals, contrary to conclusions reached by (government and independent) investigations,” Protect Our Defenders said Wednesday in a report on racial disparities in military justice. In 2017, the group published a report that ... Read more