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When socialists are stuck inside, they dream of nationalizing Amazon. And pretty much every other time, too. | American Enterprise Institute

“Nationalize everything,” tweets Marissa Barrera, a health policy adviser to Bernie Sanders. “I don’t even care what it is … y’all lost your capitalist privileges.” Because, I guess, a pandemic that began in China is somehow a failure of American capitalism? (It’s also odd that a Sanders supporter would want to give the Trump administration so much power.) Actually, business seems to be the part of the economy that’s working the best right now despite two-thirds of the country being under government-issued “stay at home” orders. Automakers such as Ford, General Motors, and Tesla are helping make ventilators. Gap, Nike, ... Read more

Working Parents, Let Go of the Idea of Balance

Stewart Friedman, organizational psychologist at The Wharton School, and Alyssa Westring, associate professor at DePaul University’s Driehaus College of Business, say it’s a mistake for a working parent to think of career and home life as competing interests that have to be balanced. Their research shows how many leadership skills apply to parenting, and vice versa. The professors explain how individuals can stop making tradeoffs and instead find sustainable ways to advance their careers and also parent more effectively. Friedman and Westring are the authors of the book Parents Who Lead: The Leadership Approach You Need to Parent with Purpose, ... Read more

William McGurn on ‘Harvard’s China virus’ | American Enterprise Institute

William McGurn writes in today’s Wall Street Journal about Harvard’s “China Virus” and how “Covid-19 isn’t the only ‘stigma’ that has been imposed on Asian-Americans”: Amid the coronavirus wreckage, there seems to be a bright spot. The pushback against referring to Covid-19 as the “China virus” indicates a welcome new sensitivity for the racial discrimination directed at Chinese-Americans. Or does it? Ever since people began referring to “the China virus”—or to be precise, ever since the White House press corps realized it was Donald Trump’s preferred term—the American people have been given repeated warnings that this is not only insensitive ... Read more

Pro Rata Podcast: Misinformation in the coronavirus age

Why it matters: Coronavirus On Thursday morning, Axios hosted its first virtual event, convening top editorial talent for an in-depth discussion on the coronavirus outbreak. Axios Co-founder & CEO Jim VandeHei discussed the latest government approval numbers around coronavirus response with Mark Penn, Chairman at The Harris Poll, and the severity of the economic consequences with Axios Media Reporter, Sara Fischer. Sara Fischer on at-risk workers: “Every sector of the economy is going to be touched by this…[What] we need to be thinking about as a country is how can we ensure that not only the wealthy and well-off are ... Read more

Season 5 Is on the Way

From the Women at Work podcast: Listen and subscribe to our podcast via Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS Women at Work is back April 13 with stories, conversations, and practical advice about being a woman in the workplace. Expect to hear from us every Monday through the spring. Download this podcast Sign up for the Women at Work newsletter. Email us: Our theme music is Matt Hill’s “City In Motion,” provided by Audio Network. TRANSCRIPT AMY BERNSTEIN: All right, Amy G., where are you recording now? AMY GALLO: I am tucked in a corner in my daughter’s bedroom on the second floor of our house. The ... Read more

‘Equal Pay Day’ this year is March 31 — the next ‘Equal Occupational Fatality Day’ won’t be until February 11, 2029 | American Enterprise Institute

Every year the National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE) publicizes “Equal Pay Day” to bring public attention to the gender earnings gap. According to the NCPE, “Equal Pay Day” falls this year on Tuesday, March 31 based on an approximate 20% difference in unadjusted, raw median annual earnings according to Census Bureau data. Today’s “feminist day of grievance” therefore allegedly represents how far into 2020 women will have to continue working to earn the same income that their male counterparts earned in 2019, supposedly for working side-by-side with men doing the exact same job working the exact same number of ... Read more

OneWeb’s bankruptcy may be a sign of things to come for satellite internet

OneWeb’s bankruptcy, announced Friday, could mark the beginning of a shakeout for companies hoping to make a profit using constellations of small satellites to beam internet to people on Earth. The big picture: Analysts have been concerned that the market for satellite internet likely can’t support more than one or two companies aiming to develop these constellations. OneWeb’s exit places SpaceX as the front-runner to get its own satellite internet business up and running, with Amazon’s Kuiper still in the early stages and a handful of other companies at varying stages of development. Details: U.K.-based OneWeb has launched 74 satellites, ... Read more

Balancing Work and Elder Care Through the Coronavirus Crisis

denistorm/Getty Images We’ve made our coronavirus coverage free for all readers. To get all of HBR’s content delivered to your inbox, sign up for the Daily Alert newsletter. Amy Carrier is a foundation director with a long-distance spouse and a 74-year old mother, who has Alzheimer’s and lives with her. Even on a normal day, her life is complicated. Amy employs two private-pay caregivers to assist her mother while she is at work, managing a team of ten at the Oregon State University Foundation. When she gets home, she takes over: making dinner, managing medications, and helping with small tasks ... Read more

Controlling the Emotion of Negotiation

Listen and subscribe to this podcast via Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS Two siblings, Thomas and Sally Campbell, are faced with selling their childhood home. They need to make several difficult decisions, all the while navigating their contentious relationship. Harvard Business School professor Leslie John discusses the importance of asking (and answering) the right questions when negotiating, particularly under emotional stress, in her case, “The Campbell Home.” Download this podcast HBR Presents is a network of podcasts curated by HBR editors, bringing you the best business ideas from the leading minds in management. The views and opinions expressed ... Read more

Mental health app tackles COVID-19

Lack of information kills. As in straight up will put you in the ground, kills. Example: Did you know they sell apricot kernels by the bag as a superfood? Did you know that their seeds, as well as those of most stone fruits like nectarines, plums, and peaches contain a chemical called amygdalin? Did you know that amygdalin converts to cyanide in the human body, and will take your Whole Foods shopping behind out like a bag full of used N95 masks on trash day? If you didn’t know, you know now, and if you knew before, either you’re a ... Read more