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Makes Instagram TV And YouTube Debut

Megyn Kelly made her first real reappearance in broadcasting since she left NBC news in 2017 on Instagram last Friday. In the seven-minute video she released on YouTube and Instagram TV, Kelly interviewed Ashley Bianco, former ABC…

Boeing: 737 Max to return in January

Nov. 11 (UPI) -- Boeing announced Monday that the troubled 737 Max is expected back in the air in January, 10 months after the popular passenger airliner was grounded around the globe after two crashes in six months. The statement said…

A prescient vision of Trump's reign

A prescient vision of Trump's reignby digbyThis piece by Adam Gopnik from May of 2016 really called it. I was writing in a bit of a panic at the time over Trump and I remember reading this and thinking, "wow, is it really going to be…

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