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Why tyrants really block the internet

For five days in mid-November, during one of the largest protests in Iran’s history, the regime in Tehran blocked access to almost the entire internet for the first time. In effect, it imposed an information blackout to the rest of the world. Now we know why. Videos and other reports sent out since then show police on a killing spree against peaceful protesters. At least 208 people were killed, estimates Amnesty International. Yet the crackdown is not a big surprise, especially for a regime with declining popularity at home and a rising tendency for violence abroad. What’s new is the ... Read more

Tucker Carlson and Floyd Brown Rail Against ‘Tech Tyrants’ Putting a ‘Thumb on the Scale of Democracy’

Disclosure: Some of the links below may contain affiliate links from Patriot Depot, a sister company of The Western Journal. By making purchases through these links, you’ll be helping to support The Western Journal. Fox News host Tucker Carlson and The Western Journal Publisher Floyd Brown took big tech companies to task for engaging in censorship and thereby damaging American democracy beyond what Russian President Vladimir Putin could have ever dreamed. On Wednesday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the Fox host introduced the subject by arguing that Facebook and YouTube are doing everything they can to shape the narrative around ... Read more