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‘We Thought She Was Sick, Turns Out She’s Just a Jerk’

A black-and-white rescue cat named Perdita, playfully dubbed the “world’s worst cat,” is waiting for the right “socially awkward human” to adopt her. Perdita and her foul demeanor have gone viral after Amber Lowery, executive director of Mitchell Animal Rescue in North Carolina, introduced the prospective pet in a blunt and humorous post on Facebook. “Meet Perdita, not for the faint of heart,” the post began. The cat was pictured underneath in a photo that read, “Pertida, we thought she was sick, turns out she’s just a jerk. World’s Worst Cat.” Staff admitted that Perdita does enjoy several things, such ... Read more

Kindhearted Police Officers Bring 5 Tons of Snow to Little Girl Too Sick To Travel

The Walker family from Gilbert, Arizona, has a yearly tradition that many families who live in arid conditions share: At some point, generally around the holiday season, they make the trek to snow — wherever that may be. While snow may be a necessary evil for many people, sometimes Christmas just doesn’t feel complete without a snow day. This year, though, the Walkers were cautioned against making the long drive to a higher elevation because of their 2-year-old, Quinn. Quinn was born with a rare genetic disorder and only has the right side of her heart. She’s undergone surgeries and ... Read more

UN Calls Motherhood a ‘Penalty’ in Sick Anti-Family Message

Motherhood: blessing or penalty? I didn’t even know we were asking this question, but I’m apparently not in charge of decision-making and/or social media strategy at the United Nations, because they clearly see one of life’s most incredible gifts as an unspeakable burden. To make this even more tone-deaf, the tweet was issued on Christmas Day. Here’s the tweet, which came from the U.N. Women official Twitter account. The agency, according to its profile, “is the UN entity for gender equality and women’s empowerment.” And what’s more empowering than telling women who have children they’ve chosen to incur a penalty? ... Read more

A trail of toxicity: the US military bases making people sick | US news

Over the last 80 years, much of the land surrounding Venetucci Farm was sold to the US army to establish the base now known as Fort Carson, and today it is hemmed in by highways. Still, with its 200 acres of fields, farmhouse and big red barn, it is a beloved institution in Colorado Springs. As the only community urban farm left in the sprawling city, it is a valuable resource, educating thousands of children about agriculture, sustainability and healthy eating and known above all for its annual pumpkin giveaways. The autumn pumpkin event has taken place for decades, and ... Read more