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Australia fires: Putting 26 million acres into perspective

The scale is almost too big to fathom. More than 26 million acres of Australia have burned since the wildfire season began. That’s more than 10 times the size of the 2018 California fires. The human cost has been severe, with at least 27 lives lost and some 2,000 houses destroyed. But experts say the level of ecological destruction underway is unprecedented. Grasslands and eucalyptus forests have burned, which is not uncommon, but so have some alpine areas and rainforests. And such huge tracts of habitat disappearing have many concerned for the rich wildlife in Australia, which has a high portion of ... Read more

Idlib Refugees Putting Pressure on EU-Turkey Pact

January 03, 2020  06:36 PM Shortly before the sun rose in Idlib, Yaman al-Hammo made the decision he had long been dreading. He had just spent the night in the basement next to his two sons, his wife and his mother listening to the detonations of barrel bombs and artillery shells blasting into his hometown of Maarat al-Numan in the Syrian province of Idlib. The women cried, as did the children, he says today, three weeks later. As dawn broke, Hammo’s wife and mother wrapped the children in blankets. He made one final call to determine where the Russian ... Read more

Investors are putting big money in small rocket companies – Axios

Since 2009, more than $3 billion has been invested in companies building rockets to deliver small satellites to space, according to data provided to Axios by Space Angels. The big picture: At the moment, most small satellites are delivered to orbit by hitching rides on larger rockets carrying other, bigger payloads as their primary missions. These small launcher companies are banking on the idea that in the future, small payload operators will want dedicated rides of their own. By the numbers: In 2018, global investment in small launcher companies hit $823 million, with $451 million invested in these types of ... Read more

Is Lindsey putting on a show for Daddy?

Is Lindsey putting on a show for Daddy? by digby My Salon column this morning: One of the more common parlor games in online political circles these days involves analyzing one of the most stunning makeovers in Senate history. I’m speaking, of course, of Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, onetime wingman to the late “maverick” John McCain, who was widely assumed to be his successor as the leading independent Republican in the U.S. Senate. Instead, for whatever set of reasons, Graham has become Donald Trump’s obsequious majordomo. McCain’s reputation was inflated, of course. He was most often a doctrinaire ... Read more

Teen Girl Hears Noise from Window, Dad Wastes No Time Putting Creep on the Ground

Commentary News KWCH / screen shotA Kansas man who was allegedly looking into a teenage girl’s window got a brutal shock when her father took him to the ground. (KWCH / screen shot) A Kansas man who was allegedly looking into a teenage girl’s window got a brutal shock when her father took him to the ground. Wichita dad Brad Morgan jumped into action after his teenage daughter told him she heard a noise right outside her bedroom window on the night of Nov. 6. Once outside, the dad says he found a man in the family’s backyard, leering into ... Read more

Tucker Carlson and Floyd Brown Rail Against ‘Tech Tyrants’ Putting a ‘Thumb on the Scale of Democracy’

Disclosure: Some of the links below may contain affiliate links from Patriot Depot, a sister company of The Western Journal. By making purchases through these links, you’ll be helping to support The Western Journal. Fox News host Tucker Carlson and The Western Journal Publisher Floyd Brown took big tech companies to task for engaging in censorship and thereby damaging American democracy beyond what Russian President Vladimir Putin could have ever dreamed. On Wednesday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the Fox host introduced the subject by arguing that Facebook and YouTube are doing everything they can to shape the narrative around ... Read more