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How to Prepare for Navy PFT Changes 2020

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to remove information regarding cadence push-ups; officials have said a decision has not been made to add them to the 2020 PFA. The story has also been updated to clarify that a timeline and specifics have not been released for swapping crunches with planks on the test. More information about ongoing testing can be found here. Sometime in 2020, the Navy plans to make changes in its Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA). Sailors will no longer do crunches for 2 minutes; crunches will be replaced by plank pose. Also, a bike or rowing test ... Read more

Navy Helicopter Crashes in Philippine Sea; 5 Crewmembers Safe

All five crew members from a Navy MH-60S Seahawk helicopter were rescued when the aircraft crashed in the Philippine Sea earlier today, Navy officials said. The aircraft, assigned to the amphibious command ship Blue Ridge, went down around 5:15 p.m. local time during routine operations, officials said in a news release. Three of the crew members aboard were picked up by a Japanese UH-60 search-and-rescue helicopter and transferred to Naval Hospital Okinawa for evaluation; two more were returned to their ship via another Navy Seahawk. It’s not clear what caused the aircraft to go down. The condition of all five ... Read more

When the British Navy killed 1,297 French sailors during World War II: Operation Catapult

Battleship Dunkerque, under fire during Operation Catapult. Source:Wikipedia Its 3rd June 1940, During World War II, a French Navy armada in Algeria is under attack. The French navy is not attacked by the German navy but by the British navy. What ended after the attack was the death of 1,297 French sailors at the hands of the British Royal Navy. The British and the French, through most of history, didn’t have a good relationship. But Britain always came to the rescue of France whenever it was in trouble, especially in both the world wars. During World War II, Britain and ... Read more

With Its New Aircraft Carrier, Is China Now a Blue Water Navy? – The Diplomat

Advertisement On a cold bright morning in December 2019, the naval base in the city of Sanya in the Chinese southern island province of Hainan hosted an event that signaled a significant shift in the power projection capability of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). In a ceremony watched over by President Xi Jinping, China’s first indigenously produced aircraft carrier, the Shandong (Type 002), was commissioned into the fleet. Its development, construction, and acceptance into service took place at a frighteningly fast pace — the carrier was only launched in early 2017 with sea trials beginning in May 2018 — ... Read more

The Navy Is Making Big Changes to the Way it Plans for Future Ships

The Navy and Marine Corps need to be a bit more short-sighted when assessing how many ships they need, the acting Navy secretary said this week. The Navy Department is in the middle of a new force-structure review, which could change the number and types of ships the sea services say they’ll need to fight future conflicts. But instead of trying to project what they will need three decades out, which has been the case in past assessments, acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly said the services will take a shorter view. “I don’t know what the threat’s going to be ... Read more

Navy Looks into Videos on Pornhub Showing Service Members Undressing

The Navy may have Peeping Tom problems. The branch of the armed forces is investigating footage taken by a secret camera allegedly placed in a bathroom at a USS vessel, and then shared with the world through a popular porn-sharing website. Material involving unsuspecting sailors and Marines have been posted on Pornhub, a Canada-based raunchy video network, according to NBC News. The videos were apparently uploaded onto the site earlier this month. They were discovered by an agent from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Some of the videos feature the service members wearing uniforms showing their names on patches. Some ... Read more

Senators want Purple Hearts for victims of Florida Navy base shooting

Florida’s two U.S. senators are urging top Pentagon leaders to award Purple Hearts to service members wounded in the deadly shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola last month, and to award valor medals to the law enforcement officers who helped end the deadly attack. In a letter to Defense Secretary Mark Esper and acting Navy Secretary Thomas Moldy, Republican Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott said the moves would properly recognize the “heroic actions” and sacrifice of those individuals. “The brave service members and law enforcement personnel who risked their lives on that horrible day have the admiration and respect ... Read more

Valkyrie Back In The Air With Successful Flight Test « Breaking Defense

XQ-58A Valkyrie drone built by Kratos WASHINGTON: After suffering crash damage in October, the XQ-58A Valkyrie test drone successfully completed its fourth test flight yesterday, reaching slightly higher altitudes than in pervious tests, according to the Air Force Research Lab. The Kratos-built Valkyrie is a platform for Air Force experiments with the Skyborg “loyal wingman” technology, an Air Force spokesman explained. The Skyborg “brain” is envisioned as enabling a fleet of low-cost drones to accompany F-15EX and F-35 fighter jets in the future. Both efforts are part of the Low Cost Attritable Aircraft Technology portfolio managed by AFRL. Under the Air ... Read more

Pentagon Chief Readies Congress For Messy Budget Battles « Breaking Defense

Army Secretary Mark Esper talks to soldiers at Fort Drum, New York. WASHINGTON: Defense Secretary Mark Esper began prepping Congress for what will likely be a series of heated battles over military modernization and scrapping legacy systems on Friday, warning that budgets “aren’t going to get any better. They are where they are.” Esper’s comments reflect the reality of the two-year budget deal reached between Congress and the White House in July, which caps the 2021 budget at $740 billion, just a tick higher than the $738 billion allocated this year.  The internal squabbles set off by that flatline bled into the ... Read more

More Sailors Are Reenlisting. Leaders Say It’s Because Navy Culture Is Changing

The Navy is moving away from the “suck it up, buttercup”-style culture of the past to appeal to the millennial generation and beyond — and new retention numbers indicate the approach is likely working. The service blasted past its 2019 retention goals for enlisted sailors in their first 10 years in uniform. It held onto nearly 65% of Zone A sailors, or those with less than six years in. And 72% of Zone B sailors — those with six to 10 years in — re-upped. The Navy set out to keep at least 55% of sailors in Zone A and ... Read more