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Is America too worried about China’s global challenge? | American Enterprise Institute

For many avid watchers of last year’s Chernobyl, which recently won a 2020 Golden Globe award for best television miniseries, some of the most harrowing moments probably had nothing to do with the nuclear reactor meltdown. Instead, the big shocker was seeing just how poorly middle-class Soviets lived in the 1980s, especially those faithfully-recreated dingy and rotting apartments. More than a few millennial viewers probably wondered how their parents and grandparents could have been so worried about a geopolitical challenge from such an economically backward nation. The so-called superpower clearly looked ready to collapse. A Soviet-era apartment building is seen ... Read more

Satellite constellations harvest energy for near-total global coverage

Think of it as a celestial parlor game: What is the minimum number of satellites needed to see every point on Earth? And how might those satellites stay in orbit and maintain continuous 24/7 coverage while contending with Earth’s gravity field, its lumpy mass, the pull of the sun and moon, and pressure from solar radiation? In the mid-1980s, researcher John E. Draim proposed what is generally considered to be the ideal solution: a four-satellite constellation. However, the amount of propellant needed to keep the satellites in place, and the ensuing cost, made the configuration unfeasible. ... Read more

A new global war is coming? – Aitor Velasco

Are recent US-Iranian tensions the possible seed of a new war? Photo by UX Gun on Unsplash In the last few days, sensationalist news have shot up, such as the threat of a new war between the United States and Iran and, therefore, due to the great weight of Iran in Russian and Chinese commercial interests in the face of a possible third world war between the two great poles. On one side NATO led by the United States and on the other, the Russian-Chinese-Iranian trident with its respective allies. From a sensationalist point of view it could make all ... Read more

The Global Race for Big National-Security Ideas Is On

The United States faces genuinely new challenges—but tries to understand them using outmoded theories from a bygone era. In the past two weeks, escalating hostilities brought the United States to the brink of yet another conflict in the Middle East—this time with Iran. But such a conflict might not look much like the others that American forces have fought in the 21st century. Tank-on-tank warfare this isn’t. While crises are inherently unpredictable, Iran’s decision on Tuesday to lob missiles at bases housing American troops in Iraq might well be the last of its conventional retaliation for the American air strike that ... Read more

Brexit could spell the end of globalization, and the global prosperity that came with it

The U.K. House of Commons has finally voted for Brexit. If the plan passes the House of Lords without much delay, the U.K. will leave the European Union several years after a 2016 referendum set it down this path. More than merely tossing aside the EU, this vote represents a rejection of globalization and the implicit trade-off of some democratic control over economic policy for prosperity. It’s an exchange that more citizens across the world, including the United States, are unwilling to make – often believing they can earn the same gains without a loss of economic control. As an ... Read more

Global box office hits record at $42 billion – Axios

The global box office hit an all-time high of more than $42 billion, according to numbers released Friday by Comscore. Why it matters: That success can be attributed to monster growth in movie-going overseas. The international box office was up 4% in revenue last year, while the North America box office was down 4% from its record high of $11.88 billion in 2018. By the numbers: The international box office brought in $31.1 billion, a new record, while the North American Box Office hit $11.4 billion, its second-highest year after 2018. This is the fifth straight year that the North ... Read more

Global merger and acquisition activity decreased in 2019 – Axios

Global merger and acquisition activity hit $3.9 trillion in 2019, according to Refinitiv. Why it matters: That represents a 3% decrease from 2018, but was still the fourth-largest dollar volume in history and sixth straight year above $3 trillion. Record-high stock markets and laughably-low interest rates proved more compelling than rising regulatory, geopolitical, and trade uncertainties. Activity was driven by mega-deals, or transactions valued at more than $10 billion. Mega-deals represented 31% of the global total, a sizable jump from 2018 and the largest-such percentage since 2015 (the busiest-ever year for M&A). This trend also is reflected in how the ... Read more

Emas dan Minyak Melesat karena Ketegangan Iran-AS, Bursa Global Mundur

Beritasahamku — Emas dan Minyak Melesat karena Ketegangan Iran-AS, Bursa Global Mundur Ketegangan yang makin memanas di Timur Tengah pasca pembunuhan seorang jenderal penting Iran oleh Amerika Serikat telah menekan mundur indeks saham Asia dari level tertinggi 18 bulan pada Senin (06/01) petang lantaran investor lebih memilih emas sehingga mendorong logam kuning ini mendekati tingkat tertinggi tujuh tahun dan minyak juga melonjak ke puncak empat bulan. Menurut laporan yang dilansir Reuters Senin (06/01) petang, Amerika Serikat mendeteksi keadaan siaga tinggi di pasukan rudal Iran ketika Presiden AS Donald Trump memperingatkan Amerika Serikat akan menyerang balik, “mungkin dengan cara yang tidak ... Read more

Trump’s Reckless Strike on Soleimani Has Led to a Global Catastrophe

The White House/Flickr Interventionists and anti-imperialists don’t agree on much in foreign policy. But even if they take directly opposite approaches, they tend to agree that championing democratic values and human rights should be a primary goal of American foreign policy, and that it’s better for other nations to see the United States as a friend than as an enemy. On both of those counts, Donald Trump’s reckless decision to assassinate a prominent Iranian general has been a colossal failure. This isn’t just the opinion of some leftist writer at a liberal magazine. Military strategists knew it would be a ... Read more

Hundreds in Philly Join Global ‘No War With Iran’ Protests

Hundreds of Anti War protesters gathered in Center City Philadelphia to join more than 70 cities across the US in demonstrations against a war with Iran. Demanding the US pullout troops from the Middle East and immediately de-escalate tensions between the US and Iran, Center City, Philadelphia, PA on January 4, 2020. Hundreds of Philadelphians joined more than 70 protests across the country and around the world to condemn what is seen by many on the left as another US imperialist war for oil. An Anti-War protester alters an old anti-Iraqi War protest sign to reflect the similarities between the ... Read more