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Trump Has Dropped the Pretense of Playing by the Rules of Democracy

A float depicting Trump at the Mainzer Carnival Club in Mainz, Germany, on February 18. (Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images) On Tuesday, Donald Trump claimed to be America’s “chief law enforcement officer.” Some simply mocked his words, but that was a mistake. For Trump is now deliberately ratcheting up the pressure on the few remaining governmental institutions capable of holding back his dictatorial ambitions. Ad Policy Number 45 seems intent on driving Attorney General William Barr to resign, as the president seeks to personalize his power. This is no longer simply a game of bluff-and-bluster on Twitter; rather, Trump is ... Read more

Republicans Have Made It Clear They Will Let Trump Become a Dictator. Will We?

Senator Susan Collins, here applauding Trump during his State of the Union address on February 4, absurdly claimed after the Senate’s acquittal of him that Trump had “learned” from his impeachment and that he “will be much more cautious in the future.” (Drew Angerer / Getty Images) Trump’s attacks on the federal judiciary are the domestic Signal this week. Freed from all accountability by the Senate, the realtor’s inner autocrat is on full display, with a pressure campaign on the Justice Department to back off on its sentencing recommendations for his convicted friend Roger Stone, and with an extraordinary flurry ... Read more

Donald Trump, a President So Unhinged That Even Bill Barr Says He’s Out of Control

President Trump is not moving on. He is not getting over it. In the eight days since his acquittal by the Republican-controlled Senate, Trump has shown all too clearly what he took from the experience of being the third President in American history to be impeached and tried. On Wednesday, marking the one-week anniversary of the Senate’s preordained verdict almost to the minute, reporters asked Trump what lesson he had learned from impeachment. His response was “that the Democrats are crooked . . . that they are vicious, that they shouldn’t have brought impeachment.” On Thursday, the President attacked Mike Bloomberg, John Kelly, ... Read more

The Electoral College, the Senate, & other ways our democracy is rigged

Let’s start with a plausible scenario that could play out in the 2020 election. Democrats win the popular vote by an even wider margin than Hillary Clinton’s nearly 3 million vote lead in 2016, running up the score in solid blue states and closing most of the gap in large red states like Texas. Pennsylvania and Michigan return to the Democratic fold, but Trump ekes out the narrowest of victories in Wisconsin. He walks away with exactly 270 electoral votes and the presidency. Meanwhile, House Democrats have a strong year, but not nearly as strong as 2018. Democratic candidates win ... Read more

Roger Stone DOJ resignations show how Trump is attacking democracy

“If American democracy were to collapse,” Cornell political scientist Tom Pepinsky recently wrote, “you almost certainly wouldn’t notice it.” The past week has been a testament to just how right he was. While much of the country was preoccupied with the New Hampshire primary Tuesday night, something remarkable happened: Every single prosecutor working on Roger Stone’s case resigned in protest. The apparent reason: Attorney General Bill Barr’s intervention in the case on behalf of the president leading the government to file a new sentencing recommendation, one that contradicted the seven- to nine-year prison sentence request for Donald Trump’s political ally ... Read more

Don’t Fall for Trump’s Lie. Democrats Have Been Very Productive.

President Trump, master of the purposeful falsehood, complains that instead of attending to the people’s business, Democrats do nothing but investigate the president. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) echoes such claims. It has become a conventional critique of conservatives: Columnist David Brooks tweeted after the impeachment vote, “Instead of spending the past 3 years on Mueller and impeachment suppose Trump opponents had spent the time on an infrastructure bill or early childhood education? More good would have been done.” With media coverage fixated on the Trump circus and on impeachment, voters have little sense that anything is being accomplished. But Trump’s insult of ... Read more

Trump being acquitted shows how democracy could really die

Donald Trump’s impeachment acquittal is a warning sign that something has gone deeply wrong in our political system. It shows a kind of subtle corruption of the law that has, in other countries, led to the decline and fall of their democratic systems in their entirety. Senate Republicans didn’t violate the Constitution’s rules for holding an impeachment trial. They adhered fairly reasonably to the letter of the law and can credibly claim they did all that was legally required of them. But this was a sham trial, one whose outcome was never seriously in doubt. By following the formal rules, ... Read more

Republican Senators Just Sold Out Democracy

Alan Gambrell demonstrates outside of the US Capitol on February 5, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Sarah Silbiger / Getty Images) Thank you for signing up. For more from The Nation, check out our latest issue. Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! Support Progressive Journalism The Nation is reader supported: Chip in $10 or more to help us continue to write about the issues that matter. Thank you for signing up. For more from The Nation, check out our latest issue. Travel With The Nation Be the first to hear about Nation Travels destinations, and explore the world ... Read more

Iowa caucus debacle a wake-up call for American democracy

Ankeny, Iowa Deborah West, dressed head to toe in yellow and blue, was giggling with excitement. Pete Buttigieg, her preferred candidate, had just won the caucus in the 13th precinct of Ankeny, Iowa – at least, according to the projector at the front of the Marriott conference room. “I’m just tickled that he did so well,” Ms. West said last night. But that giddiness turned to confusion and then frustration, as it became clear overnight that state party leaders weren’t nearly so sure about the results, due in part to technical difficulties with a new app for tallying results.  “I ... Read more

The Role of Center-Right Conservatives in Saving Democracy

They must articulate a policy agenda that is distinct from the ethno-nationalism that currently fuels the Republican Party. February 4, 2020 | 6:00 AM Gage Skidmore/Flickr For years now, conservative voters have been subjected to increasingly apocalyptic predictions about what will happen if Democrats prevail in elections. For example, at a campaign kickoff rally in Orlando, Trump told those in attendance that “our radical Democrat opponents are driven by hatred, prejudice, and rage. They want to destroy you and they want to destroy our country as we know it.” From the court evangelicals, the message has been sent that those ... Read more