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Tucker Carlson Scores His Highest Ratings Ever Amid US-Iran Jabs

Iran’s missile strike on military bases housing U.S. troops on Tuesday brought Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” its highest ratings since the show’s launch in 2016. According to Nielsen Media Research, 5.6 million viewers tuned into the show as news of the attack broke. Iran fired roughly 15 ballistic missiles into Iraq, with at least 11 hitting Ain al-Asad Air Base and Erbil military base in Iraq on Tuesday night, Fox News reported. U.S. and Iraqi officials said the attack caused no casualties. The missiles were launched in retaliation for a U.S. drone strike that killed Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani. TRENDING: ... Read more

The capriciousness of Donald Trump – Robert Carlson

The capriciousness of Donald Trump knows no bounds. In this first week of the 2020 election year, he send a drone strike against Major General Soleimani the highest ranking military man of Iran. Following this targeted Assassination on Iraqi soil where the US has troops he boasted about how long over due his death has been and implied (not so subtly) that Barack Obama and George W Bush were remiss. for not doing it years ago. Obama sought instead the treaty which resulted in a decade of cooler heads and progress toward a more lasting and influential relationship between our ... Read more

Tucker Carlson Slams Cuomo, Buttigieg in Defense of Christian Trump Supporters

Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Democratic presidential candidate and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and the Democratic Party elite on his program Monday night for their efforts to label Christians who support President Donald Trump as hypocrites. “What’s going on here? Why all this noise about Christianity? It’s not that the left suddenly cares about the Christian faith. In fact, the opposite,” Carlson argued. The issue of evangelical support for Trump came to the fore after outgoing Christianity Today Editor-in-Chief Mark Galli penned an editorial last week arguing that the president should be removed from office because of ... Read more

Tucker Carlson Clashes with Conservative Think Tank Heritage Foundation over Big Tech

Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Heritage Foundation are locked in combat over whether the Heritage Foundation has put the interests of technology giants ahead of those of conservatives. Carlson made the remarks in a Friday night segment in which he said “Google, Facebook, and Twitter work in secret to impose a left-wing political agenda on this country.” “In all, the Koch network quietly spent at least $10 million defending Silicon Valley companies that work to silence conservatives. The richest companies in the world being defended by a ‘conservative’ nonprofit as they attack conservatives. Why are they doing this? As ... Read more

Tucker Carlson Hints Real Reason Behind NBC Firing Megyn Kelly: Matt Lauer Scandal

Roughly a year after she was fired by NBC, new information makes it appear that Megyn Kelly wore out her welcome at NBC because she wanted an outside investigation into the extent of sexual harassment at the network, according to Fox News host Tucker Carlson. When Carlson hosted Kelly on his show on Wednesday, the two spoke about the former Fox News star’s departure from NBC, which she joined after leaving Fox behind. Kelly was let go by NBC, ostensibly because of comments she made to the effect that it was fine for white people to wear blackface for Halloween ... Read more