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U.S. added 145,000 jobs in December, Labor Dept. says

Jan. 10 (UPI) — The U.S. economy added 145,000 jobs last month, the Labor Department said in its monthly update Friday — a figure that fell short of most analysts’ projections. The department said the unemployment rate remained at 3.5 percent, or 5.8 million persons, which is the lowest level in 50 years. The gain of 145,000 jobs was led by growth in the retail (41,000 jobs) and healthcare (28,000) sectors, the department’s report said. The leisure and hospitality industry added about 40,000 positions and construction about 20,000. Friday’s report cited a decline last month of 8,000 mining jobs, wrapping ... Read more

Transition Combat Eye Protection Capability Added To Army Approved EyePro List

FORT BELVOIR, Va. — Lt. Col. Ginger Whitehead has seen the gruesome consequences when Soldiers chose to don eyewear that didn’t appear on the Army’s authorized list. Deployed Soldiers have suffered severe damage to their eyes or lost their sight entirely. “We have seen some really horrific injuries with roadside bombs,” said Whitehead, the product manager for protective equipment at Program Executive Office Soldier. Using eyewear approved from the list, which features 27 products that have undergone extensive testing, could mean the difference between saving a Soldier’s vision or going blind, Whitehead said. “The Soldier’s face is all chewed up,” ... Read more

ADP-Moody’s: U.S. added 135,000 jobs in September

Oct. 2 (UPI) — Private-sector hiring increased by approximately 135,000 jobs in September, beating projections but indicating a slowing in growth, a report by ADP Research in collaboration with Moody’s Analytics said Wednesday. Analysts said the number and three-month average is down from this point last year, suggesting that U.S. job expansion is losing steam. The report comes ahead of employment figures that will be released in the Employment Situation Summary by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday. Economists interviewed by Dow Jones had anticipated 125,000 hires in September, but both numbers are down from the 157,000 hired in ... Read more

‘OK’ Hand Signal and Bowl-Style Haircut Added to Anti-Defamation League’s List of Hate Symbols

The Anti-Defamation League has officially added the popular “OK” hand sign and bowl-style haircuts to its list of hate symbols, according to The Hill. The two symbols, along with 34 others, were added to the ADL’s online database of hate symbols on Thursday, increasing the list to 214, many of which are not actually symbols of hate in most contexts. The “OK” gesture and bowl cut join innocuous signs such as “100%” (short for “100% white” among some white supremacists) and more well-known examples, such as burning crosses and swastikas. “We believe law enforcement and the public needs to be ... Read more

Jobs report misses mark with 130,000 added in August

Sept. 6 (UPI) — The U.S. economy added about 130,000 jobs for the month of August, the Labor Department said Friday in its monthly report. The number was a bit below the 140,000 most analysts had projected. The report showed a decline from July, when the U.S. economy added 164,000 new jobs. The unemployment rate, however, remained steady at 3.7 percent for the third month in a row. Job growth has averaged 150,000 a month so far this year, far below the average monthly gain of 223,000 in 2018. The rise in federal government employment reflects the hiring of temporary ... Read more