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Warren Claims She Is Only Dem Candidate with Executive Branch Experience

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, currently running a distant third behind front-runner and former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, informed Iowa voters last week that she alone brings an “executive side” perspective to the race. “Let me remind you, I think I’m the only one who’s running for president who’s actually been on the executive side,” Warren said during a town hall event in Newton, Iowa, according to The Washington Free Beacon. She then cited her experience in the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, according to the Washington Examiner. “Remember, ... Read more

Non-Senator Bloomberg Says He Would Vote To Convict Trump

Former New York City Mayor and 2020 Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg said during a “Today Show” interview that if he were a senator, he would vote to convict President Donald Trump. “How would you advise the senators who are going to decide the president’s fate?” asked NBC’s Craig Melvin. “I was asked if I was a senator, how would I vote. … I would say I would vote to impeach, vote to convict, because there’s just so much evidence that he acted inappropriately,” Bloomberg said. “I would say I would vote to impeach, vote to convict, because there’s just so ... Read more

President Donald Trump touts trade deal at Farm Bureau convention

The president’s 14th visit to Texas since he took office came days after Congress passed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement – and the U.S. Senate opened his impeachment trial. “I’m thrilled to be back in this incredible state of Texas,” Trump said at the start of his hour-long speech. “This is where people are known for being tough and strong and hardworking, loyal, fiercely patriotic, just like America’s incredible farmers.” The new trade agreement, negotiated by Trump, was heralded as a win for farmers and ranchers in Texas, which has more ports of entry than any other state in the U.S. ... Read more

Biden’s Advocacy for Social Security Cuts Has Had Real Consequences

The Democratic primary managed to get around to policy distinctions over the weekend, mostly by accident. For weeks, Bernie Sanders’s campaign has attempted to make an issue of Joe Biden’s longtime willingness to use Social Security as a bargaining chip (that would be the charitable way of putting it, instead of “advocating for cuts,” which is also an acceptable description). Biden has been ignoring Sanders’s bait, and without any challenge in a high-profile setting like a debate, he’s been allowed to skate past the issue, boosting his front-runner status. But on Saturday, Biden responded to a voter in Iowa’s concern ... Read more

Dem Bill in VA Could Limit Number of Outdoor Gun Ranges

News Eva Hambach / AFP via Getty ImagesGerry Lee practices at the Clark Brothers Gun Shop and Shooting Range in Warrenton, Virginia, on Jan. 16, 2020. (Eva Hambach / AFP via Getty Images) By Jack Davis Published January 20, 2020 at 8:08am A Virginia Democrat is calling for new rules that could vastly limit the number of outdoor gun ranges in Virginia. The proposal comes amid major steps by Democrats to curtail gun rights and strong pushback from Virginians that includes a march in Richmond on Monday. The proposed legislation was introduced Jan. 8 by Democratic state Sen. John Bell. ... Read more

Is the president’s abuse of power an impeachable offense?

Throughout the impeachment process, President Donald Trump’s allies — from former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker to his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani — have argued that abuse of power isn’t an impeachable offense. In December, Trump was impeached in part on charges of abuse of power. But that isn’t stopping Republicans, including members of Trump’s legal team, from making the claim that abuse of power isn’t impeachable — a key part of their defense ahead of the president’s impeachment trial in the Senate. Sunday, Alan Dershowitz, a member of Trump’s legal team, told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that abuse of power ... Read more

What we still haven’t learned from Gamergate

It’s natural to assess what sociocultural lessons we’ve learned from the previous decade, now that we’ve entered a new one — and whether they’re the kinds that might help us make the 2020s a better era. No honest attempt at such an assessment can be complete without grappling with the messy human dramas and the increasing trend toward polarized, incendiary conversations that emerged in the latter half of the 2010s. And that means contending with the unlikely, unpleasant, and far-reaching watershed movement that was Gamergate. As it was happening, many members of the media were quick to dismiss it. Sparked ... Read more

Democrats’ child care plans have broader benefits than Warren and Buttigieg say

Child and family policy got a brief moment in the sun Tuesday night during a CNN Democratic debate when moderator Brianne Pfannenstiel observed that child care is a “huge expense for many new families and a problem especially acute in rural Iowa.” Despite the expense, she said, “many families don’t have the option of quitting a job because that income is needed.” Some Democrats in the race have plans that could deliver significant and much-needed help to young families. This should be fertile policy terrain for the party to reach out to voters it needs, but several of the candidates ... Read more

Lauren Wilkinson’s Novel of Race, Empire, and Espionage

Ougadougou, 1973. (Stringer / AFP / Getty) Five years ago, I was in my living room in New Jersey, finishing up a dissertation on chastity in 19th century Russian literature when I got a call from the CIA. As the recruiter went through the details about why he wanted me to work in clandestine affairs, I found myself impressed by his timing. He had known precisely when to call; at any other time in my life, nothing about this offer would have been attractive. I grew up being told the CIA was why we couldn’t have nice things (like democratically ... Read more

The Attack on Exarchia, an Anarchist Refuge in Athens

Before dawn on August 25th, Rafi jolted awake to the sounds of police outside Spirou Trikoupi, a building where he was squatting, in the Athens neighborhood of Exarchia. A muscular twenty-eight-year-old from Kabul, Rafi had been an interpreter for the U.S. military. In 2015, he made the punishing journey across Iran, Turkey, and the Aegean Sea, until he found himself in Exarchia, where anarchists and refugees were transforming abandoned buildings into self-organized sanctuaries. For two and a half years, Rafi had lived alongside ninety Eritreans, Iranians, Afghans, and Kurds, at Spirou Trikoupi, “like a family,” he said. That morning, Rafi ... Read more