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Napoleon Bonaparte’s Curse – Luis Cabuto

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Napoleon Bonaparte’s idea that “History is a set of lies agreed upon” is a prosperous way to come in contact with what you believe is right and wrong. Are your actions driven by a greater good or a deafening evil? Your courage will sometimes become confused by statements such as “Why would you do that? That was stupid and dangerous and none of your business”, yet we find in history that we look back at some situations and are ashamed of having adopted this mindset.

Even if it changes a second or a lifetime, you need to try to be the good type of change this week, even if it is for a split second and it feels meaningless. If someone needs a pen to give them yours, if you see someone struggling to understand anything you understand be the teacher, if someone is hurt attempt to heal.

This does not mean everyone will accept the help, on the contrary your intent will most likely be questioned by individuals who tend to not do anything for those who can’t do anything in return for them. Some will try to damage the courageous warrior within all of us simply because you did a good deed. Unfortunately for them that is okay, hurt individuals have built strong a fear due to unfortunate circumstances. That’s when you should take it upon yourself to find the joys in mutual-healing and community. The patience for others.

A hero will come alive from individuals who make safety a universal right. Remember that when you forget the path you paved, it will be tricky to remember exactly who you are inside. When you start feeling your identity fade from climbing this continuous uphill battle, find the music, style, art, and activities you partake in, you might find a shift in comparison to ones you used to be in. A patient reflection will bring you a clearer mind.

I contemplated asking you this- but who are you competing with in today’s society? It’s not a person at all, your competition comes from pride. While some condemn pride as bad, there’s a certain amount of it you want to maintain. Don’t dwell on the winning when it’s against others. In your mind you might always lose but the odds are you’ve crossed the finish line in someone else’s race — after all the number one spot only has himself to compete against, don’t stop because you feel there’s nothing left ahead. You’ve achieved what others haven’t, your purpose and value are just as immense, you should be grateful that you’ve gotten this far!

We’re a direct copy and paste of mother-nature, the longer you fight that the more difficult natural decisions seem. When dominance is established between the brain and the body you are the king of your jungle. Not a single silverback can rock your mental dominance. You can walk into a room without the worries of judgment and misunderstanding.

The more you take the lead and stand against the forces in nature that want to dominate you, the more opportunity you get to prove your worth against yourself rather than others. From my heart, I hope that you go into your weekend with some Punch a Bear in the Fucking Jaw Energy, and never forget that your normal can be absolute torture for someone who is not like you. Luckily we can all find our way towards what makes us whole. Punch That Fucking Bear in The Jaw, and make great memories out of his coat.

Photo by Luke Jones on Unsplash

Best of luck as we face a challenging month ahead of us as we face being thrown right back into our social normalities, remember you might have changed a bit indoors, others might have changed as well. Nothing is meant to stay the same so enjoy the new world we have coming, its the best you can do to avoid falling under the pending dooms of not knowing.

“When Henry Ford made cheap, reliable cars, people said, ‘Nah, what’s wrong with a horse?’ That was a huge bet he made, and it worked.” — Elon Musk

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