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World War III — Starting date: Feb 17’th 2024 – Changing Our Futures

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World War III — Starting date: Feb 17’th 2024

The year is 2020 and a pandemic is unleashed, on a scale never imagined before. People think it’s gonna pass by quickly, however it persists and persists and persists.

Governments have forced people into lockdown and everyone is hoping they don’t get infected with “Chinese” virus a.k.a “Coronavirus

Scientists around the world are working diligently to find a cure and in the record time frame, they are able to slow down the spread and slowly curing people. Shakespeare in 1632 said “All’s well that end’s well” — Yes, people are happy that they are recovering, Politicians are happy that life is getting back to normal — Question comes to mind who paid for all this misery, suffering and cure — Answer would be you and me. You ask how — All these government bailouts would put an enormous burden on future generations.

This would lead to last “Great reinflation of bubbles” this and the subsequent generation would ever see. Dow jones climbing over 40K as the money is literally worthless and you would be labeled crazy if you put your money in a negative rate money market account at a bank. You would enjoy your house price is doubled if not tripled, however it would suck when the price of milk is $30 per gallon.

Everything around you would be magical — as if you just followed rabbit and came into a wonderland

People inside bubbles would love it, however, folks outside (IRAN / Russia / China/North Korea/Ireland/South Africa) — would hate it. We believe this would set the tone for the demise of dollar as the reserve currency

As the people start feeling the pinch of giving up their comforts, politicians in the bubble countries would look for a scapegoat — the one who caused all of this issue to begin with — There is no better enemy than CHINA, yes the same China who tried to hide coronavirus, yes the same China who took your manufacturing jobs, yes the same China who gave you a loan and when you could not repay — took control of your assets ( Australia, Africa, Sri Lanka…list is long ) and lastly same China is seeking the dream of world domination by hook or crook. Here’s how China used global money to transform itself at the expense of the world “without being a good samaritan”

History has told repeatedly that such efforts end up in wars. Every 100 years you can find one of these examples, in the last 100 years — does anyone remember Hitler and why he came to power, why people supported him.

The Treaty of Versailles, signed in June 1919 at the Palace of Versailles in Paris at the end of World War I, codified peace terms between the victorious Allies and Germany. The Treaty of Versailles held Germany responsible for starting the war and imposed harsh penalties in terms of loss of territory, massive reparations payments and demilitarization.

The key point, China would be blamed — whether you like it or not. When you have one loaf of bread and there are 5 homes to be fed, then all those homes would fight on one pretext or the other.

People can ask, how do you know this date? Well, we are a non-profit, however many people around us are data scientists and financial experts. We are sharing our views based on what we think future beholds and how can we learn to survive/thrive in times to come

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