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True Patriots Do Not Use the Term ‘ChineseVirus’ – The Consummate Loner

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Using the term ‘ChineseVirus’ is friendly fire hurting many US citizens.

War is hell is not a cliché, nothing has ever been described as succinctly. During war, people die, sad and tragic, but the saddest is death by something called friendly fire. It’s when in the so called fog of war soldiers accidentally shoot, drop bombs or toss grenades at other soldiers on their side. Even more tragic is when soldiers do it on purpose, in those cases it is called fragging and it is not an accident, it is murder.

Anytime I hear the word patriot my first thought is the men and women that serve our country in the military during times of war. I may think of the Patriots that defeated the British in the American Revolution, the greatest generation storming the beaches of Normandy, the grunts sweating in the jungles of Vietnam or our soldiers tip toeing around the Middle East as I write trying not to trigger an IED. That may be my first thought but the reality is that during times of war every citizen is called in to service in some form or fashion and either you are a patriot, a traitor or a worthless bystander that, to be polite, takes your country and your fellow citizens for granted.

The United States is currently at war with a virus, COVID-19 or Novel CoronaVirus. That is the enemy at hand, the only true battle that matters in this moment as this enemy has invaded the homeland and like the Londoners that hid in the Underground or other bomb shelters to try and stay safe from ‘The Blitz’ directed at them by Hitler and his Luftwaffe during World War II, Americans are in bunkers, bunkers we call home, to try and stay safe from the invasion of this deadly virus.

That is why I am baffled when anyone other than Donald Trump uses the term “ChineseVirus” or sometimes, “WuhanVirus’ or even the most racist of terms, ‘Kung Flu’. I actually understand why the President uses the term, he is trying to deflect blame from his failures in this war on to China with the theory that how can you blame him for something that China did when this is all over. I can already hear him now, hey, it was not my fault, it was China’s fault and what was I supposed to do, nuke them and start World War III? It is not what a great, even mediocre, leader would do but we do not have an actual leader, we have Trump and sadly he is doing exactly what I would expect him to do.

But why would anyone else use the term? Yes, we have to acknowledge that Trump has his true believers and sycophants, ‘God Save The Queen’ and all that regardless of how much damage our narcissistic Queen, Donald Trump, does to the country and our citizens. These people probably even think they are patriots but what I should have asked was, why would anyone with a triple digit IQ or someone that is not a Trump sycophant use the term?

The problem with using the term is the damage you are doing to American citizens, Chinese-Americans, to be specific, and sometimes other Asian-Americans. We are already hearing about the damage, these Americans are being bullied and in some cases, beat up and physically attacked. As the virus spreads and the fear and panic grows, this will happen more and more if the term continues to be used, especially by the President, and I expect deaths.

Sure, there are many idiots that do not know any better that are using the term simply because they are parroting, like a 5-year old, what the President says. I give them the benefit of the doubt being poorly educated and all that. They are firing on their fellow patriots without an understanding of what they are doing while caught up in the fog of war. These are people that have been handed a gun, a brain, but have never been taught how to properly use it. These are cases of friendly fire.

But there are people, many people, that know better that are making the decision to drop these word bombs on their fellow citizens, they are fragging them. They may not be convicted of murder but when someone dies because of their words, that is what it is and whether they are sycophants trying to save The Queen, Trump, or simply evil, psychopaths that enjoy the thought of people getting hurt and killed, I hope you will not forget them as they are not only not patriots, they are traitors to all Asian-American citizens of this country.

What I suggest is that you keep a file, take note of their names, save the videos when they say the word or screenshots when they write the word so that you can metaphorically hang them after this war ends by not spending money with their businesses, buying their books, reading their columns, watching their movies, playing their music or looking at their cartoons. Maybe they are friends you will have to drop, family members you will have to ignore or politicians you will no longer vote for but as a patriot you will the power to met out some form of justice on them. Not physical harm, not under any circumstance, but in the spirit of Martin Luther King and non-violent, peaceful protest, let’s call this your own personal, non-violent, peaceful blacklist, simply make them invisible in your life.

And please pass this information on to your fellow patriots, make sure they understand that true patriots, people that not only love their country but the people of this country, do not use the term ‘ChineseVirus’. We are at war, we will lose people to the virus but we should not have to lose people to friendly fire.

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