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Countries plan to cut military budgets due to Coronavirus. They should do the opposite

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Many countries are already preparing for economic losses caused by the raging Coronavirus outbreak. In a search for savings in their national budgets, the plan is often to employ profound tactic of cutting military budgets. This is very popular option even though soldiers are on the front line together with medical or law enforcement personnel.

Coronavirus outbreak showed Europe how unexpected and rapid any crisis can be. This time it is a disease, but next time it might be a military conflict in our neighbourhood or similar event. We have to keep our capabilities to be able to deal with every possible crisis.

It is logical that numerous governments are searching for finances to cover massive economic costs of the Covid-19. Difficulties to sort out what the country really needs at the moment and what is expendable are omnipresent. Schools, hospitals, museums … and army. Military is always going to lose in the fight between public facilities and expensive and rarely domestically deployed soldiers.

What public often does not realize is the long-term importance of an army. The army is a tool to protect our countries before the crisis has a change to even begin. It is also an organization able to effectively deal with various types of crises in case they reach our territories. We should be grateful that there is just limited use for our armed forces, because it is a sign of our country being in a peaceful spot of the world, which is a privilege. However, this should never lead to us forgetting that we are living in a more peaceful world thanks to abilities of our soldiers.

It is completely understandable that military doesn’t seem that important in the world struggling in the clutches of the Coronavirus. It is obvious that many companies and people alike might get into financial problems due to the virus and will require support from the governments. I completely agree with necessity to support all affected sectors in some way. However, we shouldn’t forget how this crisis began and how fast, deadly and unexpected it came to be. We will never know what might await us behind the next corner (time-wise) and for that reason we should protect capabilities of our army and even improve them if we can. We might need them sooner than we think.

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