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3 New Original Trump Products, from Newton to Shamrocks, Plus 8 Classics

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Disclosure: Some of the links below may contain affiliate links from Patriot Depot, a sister company of The Western Journal, and Amazon. By making purchases through these links, you’ll be helping to support The Western Journal.

1. Trump 2020 St. Patrick’s Day Hat – NEW!

Nothing screams “I love the president” more than a Donald Trump 2020 hat. Nothing shouts “Don’t pinch me” on St. Patrick’s Day better than a vibrant green hat.

Pair the two together and you’ve got the ultimate message to anyone reading this hat: You can’t pinch me, and you can’t “impinch” Trump. This is a limited edition hat, available only at Patriot Depot.

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2. Trump’s Tweeps

Yes, this list is in chronological sync with the holidays. Yes, you can refer back to it when wondering how else to infuse your patriotism into any holiday, season or event. No, Patriot Depot will not stop creating Trump products you never knew you needed — products such as Trump’s Tweeps, which are here just in time for Easter. Now you can digest Trump’s Tweeps almost as frequently as he puts them out.

Challenge your friends and family to a game where you eat one Tweep for every tweet the president posts. You might finish a few boxes before the day is over.

3. Bag of Trump Hair

If your sweet tooth for America is still being needy after those Tweeps, you can indulge in Trump’s golden locks and let them melt in your mouth with a hilarious Bag of Trump Hair.

Bag of Trump Hair

4. Trump Garden Gnome

Ah, springtime. The rain has stopped, the leaves are back and the flowers are blooming across your garden. But something is not quite right. Your tasteful garden or yard is missing something. Something patriotic. Something cute. It’s missing a happy, hearty gnome.

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The Trump Garden Gnome is perfect in every way. It’s not too small: It will stand out amidst your lovely, alluring flowers. It’s not too yuge, either: It makes a lovely desk-topper if gardens aren’t your thing.

Of course, everyone knows you can’t just have one gnome. It needs its gnomies! (Gnome pun intended.) Patriot Depot has an ab-gnomally large selection of garden gnomes, so make your president feel right at gnome this spring.

5. Trump 2020 Grill Spatula

You can’t get more patriotic than the Fourth of July, right? And if you aren’t grilling burgers and dogs on this patriotic day, you’re probably not an American. This Independence Day, outdo your “patriotic” father-in-law with the ultimate grilling tool: The Trump 2020 grill spatula. And if you ARE the father-in-law, here’s your chance to put this guy who had the audacity to marry your daughter in his place!

Become the grill master you’ve always known you had the potential to be with the spatula that says it all. This spatula is going to last longer than Trump’s second term — it’s that durable. And it will be able to handle any patties you want to flip, even the ones for the vegans who brought their own veggie patties.

But before you start grilling, you are going to need a flame. And the only flame burning stronger than your fiery love for this country is the flame that comes out of our AR-15 BBQ Lighter.

6. Trump 2020 Apron

Complete the grill master set by heading over to Amazon and checking out this America-loving, burger-flipping Trump 2020 apron. That’s right, yet another accessory that you had no idea you couldn’t live without.

7. Trump’s Diet Soda Koozie

At first glance, this looks like a Koozie made to hide your drink of choice. But look a little closer, and you’ll see the only thing being hidden is, still, Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Enjoy the back of this Koozie, as the nutrition facts are sure to remind you of what it takes to be an American, as well an FDA approved daily percentage value for freedom, liberty, ’Merica, and many more.

8. Trump 2020 AmeriBear – NEW!

Dressed in a black suit, red tie and Trump 2020 Hat, this bear is almost decked out from head to toe, but we didn’t put shoes on him because keeping him bear-footed just felt right.

You can still give him socks, though. These Donald Trump hair socks even come with a comb, so you can use it on the bear too.

9. The Magic Trump Ball

Deciding on which item to keep in your cart? Need to make a decision but Donald isn’t answering your tweets? Have no fear, the Magic Trump Ball is here. With 20 different responses, this ball is sure to have you rolling in laughter, as well as making better-educated life decisions.

The Magic Trump Ball is not afraid to tell it how it is, though, so don’t be surprised when it gives you advice like “Don’t be an idiot.” Make great decisions again with this magical, all-knowing ball. Just don’t ask who to vote for — that should be an obvious one.

10. Trump 45 Newton’s Cradle – NEW!

Now you can count down the days until Trump gets re-elected in 30-second intervals as the kinetic energy disperses throughout the Trump 45 Newton’s Cradle.

These balls would swing forever if Newton’s second law did not exist. Similarly, Trump would be president forever if the two-term law did not exist. This Newton’s cradle has a clean, sleek design with an elegant “Trump 45” engraved into the base, along with our president’s signature.

11. Trump .45 Caliber Cartidge

To round out our list, and your year of patriotism, we included the best-selling product from Patriot Depot. The perfect gift, display or memorabilia piece, this .45 caliber cartridge exudes American pride and support for our troops, country and president.



This laser-engraved cartridge comes with a tasteful display case, as well a copy of the president’s signature and text reading “TRUMP 45” — or “TRUMP 2020,” if you decide to go with our gold variant.

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