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Bernie Sanders wins Nevada caucus: How 2020 candidates reacted

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Sen. Bernie Sanders hailed his grassroots movement on Saturday evening as “unstoppable” after after he was projected to win the Nevada Democratic primary caucus.

The big picture: Nevada as a state with a diverse population was the first real test of how candidates could connect with people of color. Sanders tweeted: “Our multiracial, multigenerational movement is not only going to win in Nevada. It is going to sweep this country.” Sanders’ 2020 rivals gave mixed reactions as results poured in.

What they’re saying:
  • President Trump tweeted, “Looks like Crazy Bernie is doing well in the Great State of Nevada. Biden & the rest look weak, & no way Mini Mike can restart his campaign after the worst debate performance in the history of Presidential Debates. Congratulations Bernie, & don’t let them take it away from you!”
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden tweeted, “While not every vote in Nevada has been counted yet, one thing is clear: our comeback starts here. Now, we’re headed to South Carolina where we’re all-in to win.” He later told supporters: “I ain’t a socialist. I ain’t a plutocrat. I’m a Democrat — and I’m proud of it.”
  • Former Southbend Mayor Pete Buttigieg tweeted, “Ours is the only campaign that has beaten Senator Sanders anywhere in the course of this cycle. We’ve achieved that by bringing in new voters, by running strong across age, across gender, across ideology. By reaching into cities, and suburbs, and rural communities.”
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren‘s campaign manager Roger Lau tweeted, “The Vegas debate shook this election up. [Warren’s] vote share appears to have gone up more than 50% between early vote & those who caucused today. We’ve raised $9m in 3 days & more than $21m this month.
  • “We believe the Nevada debate will have more impact on the structure of the race than the Nevada result. Since a huge percentage of the votes were cast before the debate — likely well more than half — tonight’s results are a lagging indicator of the current state of the race,” Lau added.

Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg‘s campaign said in a statement. The Nevada results reinforce the reality that this fragmented field is putting Bernie Sanders on pace to amass an insurmountable delegate lead. This is a candidate who just declared war on the so-called ‘Democratic Establishment.'”

“We are going to need Independents AND Republicans to defeat Trump – attacking your own party is no way to get started. As Mike says, if we choose a candidate who appeals to a small base — like Senator Sanders — it will be a fatal error.”

Bloomberg campaign’s statement

Sen. Amy Klobuchar said from Minneapolis: “We have a great team down there, still working hard. They’re counting the votes, but as usual, I think we have exceeded expectations.”

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