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What is this cult you speak of?

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What is this cult you speak of?

by digby

Some truly embarrassing polling numbers for the Republican Party

Who is the best Republican president between Donald Trump and Abraham Lincoln? For most Republican respondents to a recent poll, the answer is Trump.

In response to the question, “Which Republican president was better?,” more than half (53 percent) of GOP respondents answered “Trump,” while 47 percent answered “Lincoln.”

The poll was conducted by The Economist magazine and polling site

Lincoln, however, was the preferred Republican president among Democrats (94 percent), independents (78 percent), and the pool of all respondents (75 percent). Lincoln was also tops among men, women and all other categories – except Republicans

In a way, it’s not really all that surprising. After all, Lincoln freed the slaves and defeated the confederacy. A majority of Republicans today are probably not big fans of any of that.

Trumpie’s not going to be happy about this, however:

There were other mixed results for Trump in a comparison against Ronald Reagan, according to the Washington Times.

In one section of the poll, Republicans were asked to rank Republican presidents on a scale of 1 to 8, with 1 being “best” and 8 being “worst.” Trump was considered the best by 32 percent of Republican respondents, followed by Lincoln (29 percent) and Reagan (27 percent).

But when asked directly whether Trump or Reagan was the better president, 41 percent of Republican respondents said Trump while 59 percent said Reagan.

Look for him to start slagging Reagan in his rallies.  This will not stand.

Meanwhile, here’s the fever swamp denizen Gateway Pundit this morning:


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