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This story is about the documentary named “The War You Don’t See” by John Pilger. This documentary points out the role of media in war and also propaganda especially in America.

Firstly, it is mentioned that in the time of war, televisions and the newspapers talk about only the successful and happy events, the soldiers who are very comfort and satisfied because they work for their nations to encourage pursuade people that the soldiers are there for good and they are satisfied about it. However, there are some parts which are never shown; these are the civilian’s lives which are inhumane. These parts are not shown in order not to get reaction from American’s civil society. Propagandas are used in order to affect people’s emotions like; “America’s answer!”. According to the documentary, the fact is very different from the what people see in media and but now the fact is what people believe. Therefore, the journalist says; “There is no fact anymore and does not matter what the fact is.” The other point in this issue is that the rate of civil death is decreased by media. One of the photographer in the documentary says that there were 140 civil death in this area but it is said that “No, there are just 25 civil death here”. Additionally, people do not give importance to numbers of death because the numbers do not represent real people because their names, jobs, ages and lives are not mentioned in the media. This is really an important issue because media shows us just what they want to show.

When the documentary indicates the atomic bomb which is experienced on Japan, it is said that media reflects the idea that the bomb should be dropped in order to stop Japans. However, the actual new is that;

“Based on a detailed investigation of the facts…

Japan would have surrendered even if the atomic bombs had not been dropped. …

US Strateging Bombing Survey, 1946”

With these examples, we can see that media has really vital role on people’s beliefs in wartime and this power is used effectively from the government in order to have support from their citizens.

The other topic in the documentary is “Prelude to war: once the war begins we expect every American to support our military and if they cannot do that they can shut up.” This is again news from America in wartime and thanks to these harsh notices, people feel themselves under pressure by nation and also government as a citizen.

The media is used for another important way in order to find reasons for war. One of the examples is that one of the journalists writes an article with false claims in order to take turn people’s ideas and fabricate evidence to show that “we are victims and we are right.” The new is that; “The Iraqı connection: Iraq is the target of American hawks who see its hand in terrorist attacks. But what is the evidence? David Rose reports on the links between Saddam and the 11 September hijackers (Lots of Liberal newspapers published the same false claim). However, in the documentary David Rose confesses that he writes falsified news because he is citizen of America and he should do something for his country and he adds that he feels shame and anger.

The other tool of media is movies. In order to show people that we are right, the movies are shaped by bending the truth. In the documentary Hurt Locker movie is used as an example. According to journalist, this movie shows that killings are just incidentally. However, this is a real war and nothing is the same with this movie.

To sum up, it can be seen clearly that media is very powerful on society and this power is used by government. They can change the whole perception according to their expectations and we just see what they want to show.

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