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Teen Girl Hears Noise from Window, Dad Wastes No Time Putting Creep on the Ground

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A Kansas man who was allegedly looking into a teenage girl’s window got a brutal shock when her father took him to the ground.

Wichita dad Brad Morgan jumped into action after his teenage daughter told him she heard a noise right outside her bedroom window on the night of Nov. 6.

Once outside, the dad says he found a man in the family’s backyard, leering into the young girl’s room.

Things quickly went downhill for the alleged creep, who police identified as 62-year-old Mark Lawson.

The suspect is reportedly a neighbor of the family.

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According to the family, this isn’t the first time Lawson was busted creeping around the home, KWCH reported.

Previously, the 62-year-old allegedly claimed he was merely looking for his dog.

This time, however, Lawson’s alleged presence in the backyard was too much.

After his daughter told him about the noise, Morgan says he charged into the backyard to find the suspect hovering roughly an inch away from her bedroom window.

Was this dad’s response justified?

In Morgan’s mind, there was no question about the suspect’s motives.

“I caught him and he was just standing there, so he was about an inch away from my daughter’s window,” Morgan told KSNW.

Morgan confronted the man, and the encounter eventually escalated into a scuffle.

The dad says he wrestled the alleged creep to the ground and held him down after a short struggle.

“It was like a fight, you know, a fight for my life there for a minute,” Morgan said.

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Police arrived 15 minutes later, meaning the suspect could have been long gone had this dad chosen not to act.

It didn’t take long for officers to place the pinned man under arrest.

Lawson was hit with a list of charges, including criminal trespass, aggravated assault, battery, breach of privacy and sexual exploitation of a child.

Fortunately for the suspect, this dad didn’t come out with a loaded firearm.

After being taught a lesson by an angry dad, however, the suspect will hopefully think twice before doing this sort of thing again.

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