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The Colombian Government’s Secrets and Lies Surrounding the Latest Child Massacre

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The Children of San Vicente del Caguán

Both Duque and the former minister of defence, Guillermo Botero, (who following the controversy has resigned) both deny any knowledge of minors in the bomb zone of San Vicente del Caguán. But the evidence would suggest a more sinister reality.

According to the Public Force inhabiting the area of Caqueta that surrounds the San Vicente del Caguán campsite, it was a well-known fact that children were being kidnapped and forced into the paramilitary group.

Luz Peréz Bonilla, the mother of twelve-year-old Angela María Gaitan Peréz, was even able to reach the camp after her daughter was kidnapped from her home by the paramilitary group. Though she managed to reach the camp and make contact with her child, Angela warned her that she should leave immediately, although she ensured she was planning her escape as to avoid becoming pregnant by the FARC members who had taken her.

Similarly, the parents of Diana Median, who was just sixteen when she was captured by FARC in July of this year, warned the authorities that their daughter was not a willing participant of the group and was in fact kidnapped and taken there against her will.

Both girls’ were found to be dead at the scene of the bombing, though the mother of Angela Peréz claims she was presented with a body that she was unable to identify, due to its horrific deformation.

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