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Baby Given Free Entry for Life After Being Born on Nightclub Dance Floor

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If a certain French nightclub is stays open, a newborn French baby can look forward to unlimited nights on the town when he is older.

A 19-year-old very pregnant woman had gone to the O’Club in Toulouse, France, on Sunday night, and was among those still in the club as its 5:30 a.m. closing time neared on Monday, according to Fox News.

“[T]he club was just closing, and there weren’t a lot of people left in the place. One of my members of staff came over to me and said, ‘It’s urgent,’” the manager, identified as Marie-Helene, told French publication La Depeche, according to a translation from Newsweek.

“I could see that the woman was about to give birth. We had to act very quickly. A staff member called the urgent medical aid service, who talked us through what we had to do,” she said.

“The young woman wasn’t panicked, but she was worried. Then the baby came out.”

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The nightclub staffed delivered the baby before emergency medical personnel arrived to take care of the mother and her newborn.

As a result, the boy born on the club’s dance floor has been offered “free entry for life,” Marie-Helene said.

According to the manager, the mother had gone out to the club after a friend suggested that some time out might cheer her up.

“A friend of hers suggested coming to O’Club to get her mind off some personal problems she was having. I know she didn’t drink,” Marie-Helene said.

The 19-year-old’s condition meant that once she got there, it was hard for her to leave.

“She was one of the last people to leave, because she couldn’t walk,” Marie-Helene said.

The club’s manager said the turn of events was “one of the more bizarre closings we’ve had.”

She also indicated she was proud of her employees.

“My team worked together. We all cried. The positive thing to come out of all of this is that none of us panicked and we weren’t scared. Anyway, we got it done,”

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Marie-Helene said that they haven’t heard from the mother yet, but she and the staff want to know how the child and his mom are doing.

“I hope with all my heart that she will give us news,” she said.

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