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Voters in November 2020 – Robert Carlson is Tuna Blogger

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Voters in November 2020 will be choosing the President from between the two main contenders, Republican and Democrat. The presumptive Republican will be Donald Trump. The Democrat will be…

Who the heck knows who that will be? Whether you are a Trump supporter or someone who is seriously concerned with what he would do to the nation, the world and to society in the years 2021 to 2024, and would vote against his for anyone, we have to consider what the President in those years will do.

In the three years of the Trump Administration he has fundamentally altered the nature of the Republic’s three Co-equal Branches of government, the role and stature of the United States on the global stage, and hoe powerful corporate interests are in shaping the lives of human beings. Beyond what he has done to effect the present he has molded the future through lifetime Judiciary appointments, through appointment of Wrecking Crew department heads of Federal agencies, through separating this nation from its allies around the world. All of this signatory directives have been undertaken to dismantle what has previously been accomplished. Given another year and maybe 4 more after that, the road we have embarked upon will be fully traveled. What America has/will become will be vastly different than who we were in 2016.

To counter the influences of Trump voters will have to select a Democrat who can be the President America needs to put us back in the place we want to be. The big question to answer will be: do we like where we have been taken? Will we be better off or worse? What about the rest of the world?

Historically, every nation on the Earth has been a Pawn in the global clashes between Russia and America. Each party has had its allies to bolster its influence. Each side has had its resources, obtained either by freely associating of by being dominated with military assets. In this 21st Century China has risen as a global empire too. During the 20th Century, China took a quiescent position building its resources and staying very quiet. Now china is on par with Russia and America for a piece of the global trade market and the natural resources over which all three parties covet control.

Each time Donald Trump has made a “decision” of global importance, he has diminished America’s influence in those global matters. As we abandoned Syria, the Ruso-Turkish alliance “moved on them like a bitch.” Russia moved against Crimea to reclaim some of their prior glory still in the hearts of Russians from the soviet era. Each time Trump calls for retreat Russia is ready to advance.

Russia’s advances will be relatively bloodless as long as the US is not standing in the way. Fascist dictators and men with oligarchic behaviors invite Russia in to advise, train and supply their forces against their ethnic minorities who seek autonomy and separatist states made up of fractions of the parent territory.

The next President of the United States needs to be a man or woman who can command military forces to stand up to the Russian influence and push them back to their 20th Century borders. This strength, of course, is unnecessary if we as a nation accept our position as a former global superpower. We will not be the policemen to the world. Maybe that will be good, but we must consider what our absence will mean to them.

Do we want to be a pacifist nation and allow others in the world to do as they choose? It would mean we would be able to redirect the hundreds of billions of the Military budget to other goals such as infrastructure, healthcare, education, the arts, or merely to relieve the billionaire class of their tax burdens.

The next POTUS will have to be the person who leads a less militarized America in a more militarized world. She or he will be either be the “Kinder and Gentler” person George H.W. Bush spoke about in his days or be the Hillary Clinton powerhouse that so many people were led to fear. First we have to decide what America will represent in the coming decades. Then we have to elect our President to be the person who can get us there.

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