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Filmaker and photographer Wim Wenders gave the laudatory speech, an excerpt here:

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7 years ago I met war photographer James Nachtwey in Dresden at the Military-Historical Museum of the Bundeswehr where he set-up his exibithion “war”. I remember, it was very cold outside in eastern-germany on this day. Mr. Nachtwey was cautious. Back in the 90ies I discovered his work, his longterm reportages in TIME Magazine, Stern republished it, I studied his books, I studied his work in a exibithion at C/O Berlin in 2003. Nachtwey was a mentor. My aim was to once work together with this outstanding war photographer. And I did. Meeting him in person was enriching. Meiko Herrmann capture this portrait of me. Thank you.

Filmaker and photographer Wim Wenders gave the laudatory speech, an excerpt here:

“Nachtwey succeeds in seeing for both sides of humanity, for the victim as well as the spectator, because not only does he work AGAINST war, against arbitrariness, injustice and inequality, but above all FOR the people he meets in war and suffering, and FOR us.

I know it somehow is an old-fashioned word, and most certainly difficult to translate. This man is a “Menschenfreund”, a friend of humans, and therefore he is a “Kriegs-Feind”, a foe of war.

James Nachtwey wants to enforce a closer look upon us, thus offering victims to become their eyewitness who testifies in favour of them, in order to call on war and its propaganda.

James Nachtwey has never stopped believing in the purpose of his work and he has never stopped trusting that, ultimately, his photographs will reveal their most power when the attitude behind them is an unbroken trust in humanity and its ability to compassionate with one another.

In him, you discover a man of peace, one who goes to war out of his longing for peace, and who exposes himself to bring about peace, out of his infinite hatred for war and out of boundless love towards humankind.

There is nobody more deserving in this city, in Dresden, to receive this prize than James Nachtwey.”

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