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To our curiosity and surprise, they looked no different than other young men in the neighborhood

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This was a wonderfully informative and cogently narrated article. I learned so much. Thank you.

I appreciate that the thrust of the post, at least in part, was the shocking disparity between how we treated our enemy versus how we treated our countrymen and countrywomen — specifically African Americans.

The issue really came down to race. German POWs were white. African Americans were not.

We fought two major wars with Germany, one with Austria and one with Italy. Not all is forgiven or will ever be forgiven. But our American culture gets along with them swimmingly.

Which makes me wonder, will such a cultural reconciliation ever happen with the Muslim world?

The Muslim world doesn’t just represent different races from ours. It also represents different civilizations and histories. But it goes even beyond that. The histories of Islamic empires and their predecessor Persian Empires are perceived to have been in direct opposition to Western history.

At some point we have to figure out if Muslim boys are no different than other young men in the neighborhood? Europe and China haven’t been able to figure this out yet. Maybe their increasing immigration to the U.S., or their increasing representations in the startup, business, academic and political communities, and their intermarriage… maybe those will slowly help us figure this out.

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