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N.Y. regulators reviewing sexism claims involving Goldman Sachs, Apple Card

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Nov. 11 (UPI) — Online complaints from technology entrepreneurs about their wives’ credit card limits have led New York regulators to initiate a review of banking giant Goldman Sachs.

Danish programmer David Heinemeier Hasson, who created the popular Ruby on Rails web development framework, criticized the Apple Card — saying he received a credit limit 20 times higher than that of his wife, even though she has a higher credit score and they file taxes jointly.

“Yet Apple’s black box algorithm thinks I deserve 20 [times] the credit limit she does,” he wrote in a tweet, called the discrepancy sexist. “No appeals work.”

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak subsequently said the card also provided him with a greater limit than his wife.

“We have no separate bank or credit card accounts or any separate assets,” he tweeted. “Hard to get to a human for a correction though. It’s big tech in 2019.”

Goldman Sachs is at the center of the inquiry because it’s the issuing bank for the card.

Attention to the issue prompted the New York Department of Financial Services to open a review of the matter– to “determine whether New York law was violated and ensure all consumers are treated equally regardless of sex,” a spokesperson said.

“Any algorithm, that intentionally or not results in discriminatory treatment of women or any other protected class of people violates New York law.”

Goldman Sachs partnered with the tech company and MasterCard for the chip-based Apple Card, which was announced in March and introduced in August.

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