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The wingnuts finally noticed our second front in the culture war: Thanksgiving

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The wingnuts finally noticed our second front in the culture war: Thanksgiving

by digby

It’s going to be a bloody battle:

Diamond & Silk decried the so-called war on Thanksgiving with Ainsely Earhardt on President Donald Trump’s favorite morning show “Fox & Friends,” a continued battleground for the conservative culture wars.

Social media personalities and political activists Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, who go by the names Diamond & Silk, told “Fox and Friends” they were upset by a recent HuffPost editorial, which called on Americans who celebrate Thanksgiving to do so in a way that reduces their carbon footprint in order to account for climate change.

“I get tired of people that have lived their life and have eaten meat telling us not to eat meat,” Hardaway said. “Don’t tell us what we can and cannot eat. If you have a problem with climate change, stop driving cars ⁠— ride on your horse to work. You do everything you can to fix the climate, but don’t infringe upon my right to have Thanksgiving with my family.”

The Fox News personalities were criticizing a HuffPost article titled “The Environmental Impact Of Your Thanksgiving Dinner,” which was written by Alexandra Emanuelli. In the op-ed, Emanuelli gave various advice for reducing one’s climate footprint on the annual holiday, including replacing meat and meat byproducts with plant-based alternatives, purchasing ingredients from vendors who provide local materials, not wasting food and traveling shorter distances for Thanksgiving dinner.

Diamond and Silk were actually polite compared to these snotty little bitches:

Honestly, there isn’t even one wingnut with the emotional maturity of a 15-year-old anymore.

This is why I will no longer tolerate anyone telling me that we have to be “sensitive” toward the feelings of all those poor white working-class folks and elderly malcontents who watch this drivel all day long. They may be “joking” but the message it sends is clear: fuck the planet, own the libs. That’s going to kill their children whom they clearly don’t care about. Unfortunately, it’s going to kill everyone else children too.


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