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Man Becomes Hero to Trump Supporters After Slashing ‘Baby Trump’ Balloon, Getting Arrested

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For any college football fans who may have had high hopes for the titanic clash between No. 2 LSU and No. 3 Alabama, they were not disappointed. LSU staved off Alabama and won 46-41 in a thrilling game.

Given that President Donald Trump was in attendance for this game, anyone who was expecting fireworks before the contest weren’t disappointed either.

Trump, who’s been attending quite a few marquee sporting events lately, had been receiving some rather polarizing responses from sports fans. The president’s visit to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, was no different.

From within Bryant-Denny Stadium itself, Trump appeared to mostly receive a favorable reaction from the capacity crowd.

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Outside the stadium walls, however, anti-Trump protesters had been planning to mock the president with a massive “Baby Trump” balloon.

Given how easily amused and childish Trump detractors can be, it’s not surprising that the balloon appeared to draw a small crowd.

Unfortunately for the people who organized this dumb stunt, the balloon also drew the ire of a proactive Trump supporter.

The results were predictable.

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Hoyt Hutchinson, a proud Trump backer by all indications, took matters into his own hands and knifed the balloon.

The Tuscaloosa Police Department arrested Hutchinson on a criminal mischief first degree charge.

Hutchinson posted a video on Facebook revealing that he was opening a GoFundMe to help cover legal fees and to pay for the balloon.

“Some liberals tried to come to my hometown and start some trouble. That ain’t happening,” Hutchinson said in the video. He added that he would do it again.

Hutchinson also noted that any money donated to him after exceeding his goal, he would donate to the Republican Party.

Do you find the “Baby Trump” balloon disrespectful?

Based on a quick look at his GoFundMe, it appears that Hutchinson has absolutely obliterated his original goal of $6,000. As of Sunday afternoon, he was a little after noon Eastern time on Sunday, he was at $25,389.

“Hoyt made sure our beloved president didn’t have to see this disrespectful balloon on the streets of Ttown today!!” the GoFundMe page declared.

And while yes, Hutchinson was arrested, his actions were immediately lauded online.

Across social media, quite a number of Trump supporters thanked him and appreciated his actions.

Look, at the end of the day, Hutchinson did break the law and was appropriately arrested for it. But given the sheer lunacy you often see from the left, Hutchinson’s antics are relatively tame.

While the left insists on tearing down the president and traditional institutions of society, Hutchinson tore down an inanimate object. It’s not too hard to see why Trump supporters loved what he did.

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