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Comedian Joe Rogan Rips Trans Movement, Defends Female Athletes

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The joke is on society if it truly believes biological males who identify as female can compete fairly against biological females, according to comedian Joe Rogan

“We are entering into this complete nonsense area, this is progressive thinking, this ideology taken to the extreme,” he said in a recent podcast.

The issue of biological males competing as females has become a hot-button issue in sports as transgender competitors often dominated events formerly restricted to biological women.

Rogan said that from bone structure to years of maturity that cannot be erased, men have innate advantages over women.

And recent medical treatments that may be required for biological men to compete against biological women don’t change that, he said.

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The podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience” can be viewed here. (Note: There’s very rough language — and a lot of it.)

“Just because you’re both 135 pounds, there’s a f—ing difference. I don’t give a s— what anybody says,” Rogan said.

“There’s a reason why this woman world-champion cyclist is breaking records, or women dead-lift, these women weightlifters who used to be men are breaking records, like, by giant numbers. I mean giant numbers in power-lifting, and all they have to do is just say they used to be a man and now I’m a woman,” he said.

He then imitated a commentator replying to anyone who disagrees with the prevailing wisdom.

Do you think Joe Rogan is right?

“Oh, she’s a woman. You’re a piece of sh– if you say anything different.”

Rogan said that one mixed martial arts fighter proved the difference to Rogan beyond a shadow of a doubt.

“This one was fighting, her name’s Fallon Fox, and she was fighting as a woman even though she’d been a man for 30-plus years, and in fact even had kids, a kid,” he said.

“And then just transitioned, became a woman. Didn’t tell anybody, said it was a medical issue, it’s none of your business. And then beat the f— out of two women, and, like, beat them like domestic violence.

“Like, you watch it, you’re like ‘What?’”

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Rogan said that when spoke out against the spectacle he had “never been attacked harder” on any issue, but insisted that his opposition to biological males competing as females is “a hill I’ll die on.”

Rogan said that differences cannot be erased by politically correct thinking.

“I think you’re out of your mind with track and field, I think you’re out of your mind with weightlifting. You’re out of your mind with all those things,” he said.

But when it comes to actual physical combat, he said, it’s even worse.

“If you think a man and a woman are the same thing, you are out of your God-da–ed mind,” Rogan said.

Rogan said that the difference is more than a little surgery or a few hormone treatments.

“Imagine that’s your daughter and your daughter is getting pummeled by someone who used to be a man,” he said.

Biological females end up the losers, Rogan said, noting that biology gives men advantage biological females cannot overcome.

It’s “undeniable by the world records that these trans women are winning,” Rogan insisted.

“They’re beating … biological women by giant numbers.”

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