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A Wheezing Deer in the Woods Might Mean It’s Time To Get Out of Dodge: ‘The Most Threatening Call’

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If you’re walking through the woods and you hear a series of snorts, wheezes and grunts, it’s time to get out of dodge.

In all likelihood, you’re about to cross paths with a full-grown buck sporting a head full of antlers and a chip on his shoulder for any other animal in his territory.

Deer have an entire vocabulary of noises, all meaning different things.

If a big one is making a wheezing, grunting and snorting noise directed toward you, the safest translation is likely “go away.”

Video footage of a deer making these noises shows the unique nature of the sounds, which can’t easily be confused with those made by other animals of the woods:

Although the noises may seem confusing, whitetail deer all speak the same “language.”

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A guide published by Whitetails Unlimited explains what the noise means.

“This call is a grunt-snort coupled with a drawn-out wheezing expulsion or air through pinched nostrils. A grunt-snort-wheeze is the most threatening call of bucks and is often followed by antler rush,” the guide reads.

Have you ever heard a deer make this noise?

While people usually have the upper hand, deer are more than capable of killing humans.

Last month in Arkansas, a hunter shot a deer, only to be gored to death by the still-living animal as he went to inspect his prize.

By taking proper precautions, much of the danger surrounding these animals can be avoided.

During any trip into the wild, it’s always important to maintain situational awareness.

Although the views in nature can often be spectacular, watching for hidden ravines or any nearby animals is the surest way to avoid a problem with these obstacles.

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It never hurts to bring a buddy, either.

While one person may not be able to fight off a deer or other animal, two would likely be able to make short work of any aggressive beast.

During hunting season, the biggest danger isn’t from deer, but rather from fellow hunters.

Wearing blaze orange and practicing strict firearm safety is virtually guaranteed to get you out of the deer woods safe and sound.

The best rule of all is the easiest one: Don’t mess with the wildlife, and it usually won’t mess with you.

When it comes to deer specifically, leave them alone unless you intend to put them on the dinner table.

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