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Wartime Rhetorics – 320 WRDs

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When I reflect on the ethics of rhetoric I immediately think about the discussion of wartime rhetorics in my class. We discussed why people are willing to go to war and sacrifice themselves. This concept is particularly interesting to me considering my father was a soldier and spent 28 years in the Army. During those years he was deployed several times and spent many years of my childhood in foreign countries. I sometimes wonder why my father was willing to go to war. Perhaps he felt it was duty to our nation or even a family legacy considering my family has a long line of soldiers. I believe a main reason why my father decided to join the military and ultimately go to war several times was due to deliberative rhetoric. Deliberative rhetoric is the concept of to act or not to act, and to believe or to do. It mainly focuses on the future. In our discussion, I learned that Aristotle believed that you could persuade people to follow a given course or plan based on the thought that it is the right thing to do. He also believed you could persuade someone to follow a course of action if it was in their interests. I believe my father thought that joining the military after college was the right thing to do. My grandfather had also served in the Army and my father wanted to continue his legacy. My father also saw the good the military was doing, such as protecting people, and believed he could make a difference by joining. When 9/11 happened, my father told my mother that there would probably be a war and to be prepared. Of course, he was probably scared however, he didn’t let his fear sway his decision to fight for what was important to him. My father also had military interests. Ever since he was a child he dreamed of becoming a solider. Perhaps that’s another reason why he joined. Ultimately, I believe my father wanted to make a difference and the military felt like a natural transition for him. Although, times of war were difficult for him, he never questioned his promise to our country and saw every mission through.

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