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11 Ways Your Business Can Honor Veterans – SquaredAway

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Veterans Day is Monday, November 11th. We are a proud team of military spouses and veterans. These are some ways you can honor Veterans on Veteran’s Day.

Consider making veterans, active-duty military, and military families eligible for a discount at your business. The discount could be only for Veteran’s Day, or you could consider expending it all year round. Veterans and their families will appreciate it.

Donate a portion of your Veteran’s Day sales to an organization that supports veterans. Organizations such as United Service Organizations (USO), Hope for the Warriors, or the Wounded Warrior Project. See a full list of organizations here. Other options include offering to match customers’ donations up to a certain amount or spotlight a specific product and donate a certain amount when anyone buys it.

Do you have someone on your staff who has served? If they are comfortable with it, share their story on your company’s social media channels, and thank them for their service. Or, give them the day off and host a breakfast in their honor the following day. If you do not have someone who has served on your team, but you know of a loyal customer who has, honor them on social media or invite them to visit your store for a day of appreciation — as long as they are comfortable with the attention.

Make an effort to hire a veteran the next time you have an opening on your staff. The U.S. Department of Labor has, on its website, an employer toolkit to support all business owners who actively seek to recruit service members who are transitioning out of active duty, veterans, and those who have been injured in combat.

Many cities have a Veterans Day parade or a breakfast to celebrate local veterans, so look at possible sponsorship opportunities as a way to show community support. This sponsorship will also provide additional visibility to your business and show your customers your small business community-minded values.

It’s a simple yet spirited gesture to fly the flag outside of your business. Just remember, the flag doesn’t have to be half-mast, as Veterans Day is considered a day of honor and celebration — not mourning.

There are 2.52 million veteran-owned businesses across the country. Consider working with one of these companies to make a difference in your community, or consider using their products for a necessity that you already have in your own company.

During the days leading up to Veterans Day, distribute “thank you” cards to your customers and their families, and encourage them to write a thank you note to local veterans. Hand deliver the notes to the Veterans Affairs Office, senior center, or anywhere else where local veterans are likely to be frequent.

There are big organizations like The Veterans Corporation that exist only to help vets become entrepreneurs.

Many franchisors are also offering special programs to help veterans become franchisees. If you are familiar with a resource and see a veteran struggling with their business, give a hand.

While also promoting a veteran who works for your business, use social media and blogs to provide links to veterans organizations to spread awareness.

Volunteer to support veterans and their families. Find national organizations that help veterans in the military and ask how you can get involved. Community resources may also be available — for example; you may be able to help disabled veterans paint their houses, do yard work, or work with veterans with disabilities. You can also recruit customers to get in on the act in addition to getting your employees to volunteer.

Resources: The UPS Store, Entrepreneur, and The U.S. Small Business Administration

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