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Hillary Emails Likely Cost Her Election, We Should Have Covered Story Differently

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A CNN analyst apologized for the network’s coverage of Hillary Clinton’s emails because apparently covering them seriously cost her the election.

Jeffrey Toobin, a legal analyst for the network, said that Clinton’s emails are “also a story about the news media, about how much time we spent on that, and that’s something that I have felt a great deal of personal responsibility for,” according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Thanks for admitting it, I guess?

Toobin, who has been one of the loudest voices for the impeachment of President Trump from the beginning, says he believes that Hillary Clinton lost the election because of the coverage of her private email server.

The CNN legal analyst said during an appearance on the network Monday that Clinton, the 2016 Democrat standard-bearer, “very likely lost the election because of discussion of her private email server.”

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Video below:

Toobin’s remarks came as CNN reported the State Department had found “no deliberate mishandling” when it came to classified information in the Hillary Clinton probe, a discovery every bit as surprising as when we found out that Willy Wonka was using labor that didn’t meet union height requirements.

The CNN analyst said that he “felt a great deal of responsibility for” the discussion around Clinton’s emails “because I talked about the e-mails here at CNN, I wrote about it in the New Yorker, and I think I paid too much attention to them, and I regret that.”

“I hope a lesson is learned,” Toobin said.

“I mean, this story turns out to be … a big nothing and we spent months on it. Hillary Clinton very likely lost the election because of it, and I think I should have been talking about other issues, not about the e-mails,” he added.

Oh, good grief.

Toobin, who leans left in the same way the Titanic leaned downward, had once upon a time admitted that Clinton’s server was a “terrible idea” and said the 2016 Democratic standard-bearer reacted like a “cornered perp.”

“She had to know (as most everyone in Washington does) that the government vastly overclassifies information, so her flat denial that there had been any classified information on her server was destined to be disproved, as it was,” Toobin wrote in The New Yorker.

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The question practically asks itself: Does the media believe their own ridiculousness?

Yes, Hillary’s emails may have cost her the election. No, it isn’t nor should it be the media’s prerogative to save Clinton.

That shouldn’t even be an actual question, and yet it is.

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