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Why is Hiring a Military Spouse is the Best Investment You Can Make?

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Kate’s take on Military Spouse employment with Squared Away.

Are you stressed, scrambling, and always lacking time to get the job done? If only you had someone to help organize your thoughts, book you a trip, take over meeting scheduling, and alleviate that long list of to-do’s you may never get to.

There is a person for that, and that person is a Chief Executive Assistant with Squared Away. If you want a loyal and dedicated partner, look no further than hiring our military spouse team!

For ten years, Kate has been following my active-duty husband and his career around America. In that time, her spouse has received PCS (Permanent Change of Station) orders for eight different duty stations, they were stationed at many for only a few months and had very little notice of when and where we were moving next. This is a typical story you will hear across the board when it comes to a day in the life of a military spouse. We know how to jump into action and make things happen, utilizing the best of the resources we do have and improvising when we do not.

Our military lives directly translate to skills needed in the workplace. Take this scenario, for example. Kate and her husband had ten days’ notice to move from North Carolina to Florida. She knew nothing about Florida, and he was far too busy to figure it out, so it was up to me. Kate explored my options in the local military community and found a fantastic spouse who was moving the same time as we were. She then recruited my family friend who lived in the area to go look at her house for us, got required paperwork figured out, all while coordinating every aspect of a military move. I managed to complete these arrangements remotely. Our virtual team of military spouses with Squared Away is no stranger to last-minute, life-changing events. We know how to use social networks and produce results at the drop of a hat. We can do that for your business too!

Semper Gumby is the motto of a military spouse. We are used to the constant change in unknown places and with unfamiliar faces. We create communities, make friends fast, then start all over again every few months to every few years. Out of necessity, even the most introverted military spouse becomes somewhat of an extrovert.

We know that your growing enterprise is going to experience constant change as well, and we are no strangers to that. In fact, we thrive on change! Kate will admit, as much as she wishes for military life to settle down sometimes, she does love the thrill and challenge of a PCS move and welcome each one!

Kate and her husband on their wedding day June 23, 2012 at Concannon Vineyard in Livermore, California.

You can’t teach loyalty, but, in my opinion, when hiring a military spouse, you can bet you have a better chance at hiring on a loyal teammate than you would in the general population. When Kate makes a good friend at a new unit, she is my “milspouse” friend for life. She know that it is a rare find, and she has limited time at each unit to make meaningful friendships, so she will cherish each one dearly.

Kate carries on this same philosophy in her work life. Each time she moves, securing employment is one of the most challenging tasks. By the time Kate finds a job, she only has a short time there to prove herself and make a positive impact on the company. Too often, she will spend an excessive amount of time and effort at each duty station searching for employment.

One day, Kate came across Squared Away and thought it was too good to be true. Well, it is too good, and it IS true. A fully remote team of military spouses across America who are all in the same boat (some quite literally!), she can take this job with me no matter where the U.S. Coast Guard sends my family.

We, as a team, love our mission and are loyal to it; we are faithful to our clients, with the drive to do everything we possibly can do to make their lives more comfortable and more productive.

We make houses into homes, cardboard boxes into desks, sleeping bags into beds for weeks on end while we wait for our household goods to arrive. We make impacts on our communities and on our active duty spouse’s units through dedicated volunteer service. We plan PCS moves across the country and across oceans with little information and many unknowns.

Whether you’re traveling, in a meeting room, or just stuck in traffic, your dedicated Chief Executive Assistant will not only keep you on track but will, over time, anticipate your needs through your daily schedule. We have a diverse team of highly educated and experienced professional military spouses. Our vast amount of experience in a variety of fields and backgrounds enhances the tailored approach to which your assistant will design solutions for your specific needs. We utilize all available vehicles of communication technology, according to your preferences. Rest assured, we exercise the utmost integrity and confidentiality in all of our client relationships.

They are now enjoying life with their dogs while stationed in Port Angeles, Washington.

Part of being a military spouse is learning the cold hard fact that time is precious. Our active-duty members serve unpredictable duty schedules and deploy to dangerous territories for extended periods. When they are home, we must be present with them and our families.

Our clients often express that time management is their number one challenge. Squared Away was established to fill a vacuum in the market to provide a service that allows YOU to optimize your time, so you can do what you do best.

We are here to offload the “administrivia” of your day-to-day life so that you can focus on what is important to you, both professionally and personally. Being a military spouse, it becomes engrained in our DNA to act when duty calls. This is a priceless trait that you will inherit as part of working with our team. Work with us, we’ll get the job done and optimize your time in a way that you can continue to do what you do best.

Kate is based out of Washington State with her U.S. Coast Guard husband and two dogs. She has been doing incredible things with Squared Away for the last 6 months. We love her positive demeanor and ability to brighten anyone’s day.

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