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Wanted Man Arrested Within Hours After Taunting, Challenging Police To Find Him

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The moral of this story is never to play hide and seek with the police department of Wharton, Texas.

The police of the community about 60 miles southwest of Houston shared with the public a challenge one suspect gave them, and their response

“Today, while speaking to one of our Detectives, Jason San Miguel, a #wanted person for the alleged offense of #burglary of a habitation, said there was no way that our officers (or any officer) would find him, and that he’d turn himself in when he was ready to do so, when our detective suggested he turn himself in,” the Wharton Police Department posted on its Facebook page on Oct. 11.

According to the department’s Facebook page, it is made up of only 24 sworn officers and 11 civilian employees. However, the post about San Miguel noted that the help from the public gave the force a strength many times that number.

“What Jason forgot was that our department is more than 18,000 strong, because each of you made the choice to police WITH us,” the post stated, referring to the East Wharton County Crime Stoppers program in which police work with the public in Wharton and surrounding areas.

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“Together, we’re a team that not even Gerrit Cole can strikeout,” the department said, alluding to the pitcher for the Houston Astros.

The department shared a photo of San Miguel with the post, and then asked for help finding him.

“Want to help us bring him to justice safely? SHARE THIS POST and call us with his whereabouts,” the department said.

It took all of one day to find the suspect, the department boasted in a follow-up post.

“HIDE AND SEEK CHAMPIONS,” the post was headlined.

The post said that the suspect had not, in fact, been leading police on a merry chase.

“In the early morning hours of today’s date, Jason San Miguel, who challenged us yesterday to #find him, was #found hiding in the attic of his home in Wharton,” the department announced.

“We’d like to thank all who shared this post, and our officers who had to brave the itchy insulation that Jason exposed them to.”

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Is taunting police officers a really bad idea for a wanted man?

Police did not explain whether they received help from the public in finding San Miguel.

The department works with the community through the East Wharton County Crime Stoppers.

According to the Crime Stoppers website, tipsters can contact the police either by phone or through using an app they can download to their phone.

The process allows tipsters to remain anonymous. Those who contribute information can be eligible for a reward that could go as high as $1,000, the Crime Stoppers website said.

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