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Urban Dynamite Counter-Drone Detection Radar and Counter UAV System at MSPO Poland 2018

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Source: DGS

In 2018 Dynamite Global Strategies (DGS) revealed their new Urban Dynamite Counter-Drone detection radar at MSPO 2018 that took place in Kielce, Poland. This US designer and manufacturer is well known for their electronic surveillance radars, micro-Doppler ground radars, detection solutions, and military grade Counter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (C-UAV) defense systems. With their radars being used around the world, DGS’s new product generated a lot of industry excitement.

This new radar defense system was a crowd pleaser at MSPO 2018. This radar is man-portable and battery-operated making it perfect for use in rapid deployment scenarios. With its ability to be carried in backpacks or in any type of vehicle, this is ideal for forward reconnaissance and covert operations. It’s being used in other countries for remote border surveillance and is commonly used for temporary camp protection.

The DGS Urban Dynamite Counter-Drone UAV Detection Radar can rapidly detect and locate moving targets, such as a crawler who can be detected as far as 1.5 km (or .9 miles) away. And from up to 10 km it can detect a moving unmanned aerial vehicle. With its ability to be tripod mounted, this advanced radar system can seamlessly integrate with infra-red sensors. This allows the operator to be able to identify their targets when the sensor automatically cues the camera.

This radar can also be upgraded for total covert operations with an optional visible and infra-red thermal imaging camera, covert eyepiece, and a rugged laptop with windows HMI. This has made Dynamite Global Strategies’ Urban Dynamite Counter-Drone Drone Detection Radar a great choice for governments around the world. It’s being used for asset and force protection, as well as border security. With an intuitive interface, this system is easily operated by a single user who can use it to identify, track, and defeat a drone in under 15 seconds from over 10 km (or six miles) away.

With these impressive features it was no wonder that the Urban Dynamite Counter-Drone Defense System from Dynamite Global Strategies was a show stopper at MSPO 2018. This wasn’t the only product DGS showed off to the tens of thousands of visitors at the show. They took the opportunity to showcase their full range of electronic surveillance radars and detection solutions to the show visitors as well.

About Dynamite Global Strategies, Inc

Dynamite Global Strategies, Inc delivers an integrated multi-sensor package to system integrators comprising the Urban Dynamite (UD) drone detection radars plus cameras, thermal image cameras, RF detection and C2 (Command and Control) software solutions — the world’s leading fully integrated military grade Detect, Track, Identify, and Defeat counter drone solution. Its ITAR-free systems are used worldwide in defense, government, public safety, commercial sectors for homeland security, border security, critical infrastructure protection, and in various military applications and missions.

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