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Tulsi Gabbard Scorches CNN and NYT, Calls Outlets’ Claims of Neutrality ‘a Joke’

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Liberal outlets like CNN and The New York Times won’t find a friend in 2020 Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard, who is calling the media groups out for their biased coverage.

Speaking to Tucker Carlson in a Wednesday appearance on Fox News, Gabbard called the outlets’ claims of impartiality “a joke.”

“As we saw in the days leading up to the debate last night, both The New York Times and CNN both ran hit pieces,” Gabbard said. “For them to sit there and try to portray themselves as neutral arbiters, as objective and independent entities working with the DNC to carry out a legitimate debate is frankly just a joke”

For conservatives and others on the right, this is an obvious fact of life. Birds fly, grass grows, the sun shines, and CNN presents a skewed self-serving narrative.

For those on the left, the concept of biased mainstream news sources is fairly new. Thankfully, even Democrats and liberals are beginning to call these outlets out.

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Watch Gabbard rake these outlets over the coals below.

Undercover video taken as part of a Project Veritas operation sheds some light on why CNN doesn’t like the Hawaiian Democratic candidate.

“They don’t like Tulsi Gabbard,” a worker at the network was caught saying. “Because she supports Assad and she is not taking the conventional route when it comes to foreign policy and stuff like that.”

Is the left waking up to the bias at CNN?

This was seemingly all the network needed to go on the offensive against Gabbard.

According to the candidate, both CNN and The NYT ran “hit pieces” on her prior to a Democratic debate. Both media groups have called Gabbard an asset of Russia over her support of an American withdrawal from Syria.

The candidate isn’t backing down on her position despite media pressure to support American troops staying in Syria.

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Although supporters of CNN’s chosen mainstream candidates are unlikely to call the network out over their bias anytime soon, the first cracks are beginning to form in the left’s trust of the network.

It’s going to take some major work for the company to gain back the trust of leftists it has smeared, but even then CNN will likely never find itself as conservatives’ network of choice.

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