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Hillary’s War on Tulsi Gabbard May Cost Dems the Election

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s interference in the 2020 Democratic primary race may cause a rift in the party, similar to the one that cost her crucial votes in 2016.

Clinton started the row when she targeted Hawaii Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, appearing to claim the combat veteran is a Russian asset being groomed to do Vladimir Putin’s bidding by ensuring that Trump stays in the White House.

Gabbard, unafraid of a fight, shot back at Clinton in a now-viral tweet, calling the two-time failed presidential candidate the “queen of warmongers.”

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While Clinton may have tried to single out one candidate, it appears she kicked a hornet’s nest.

Will Hillary’s interference damage Democrats’ shot at the White House?

Now, even more 2020 candidates are stepping up to defend Gabbard against Clinton.

Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson, both decidedly outside of the Democratic establishment, took to Twitter in defense of Gabbard.

The sentiment was clear from both candidates: It’s unacceptable for Clinton to treat non-traditional candidates like this.

This sort of thing should be an all too familiar mistake for Clinton.

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During Clinton’s close race against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2016, the bombshell revelation that her campaign was coordinating with the Democratic National Committee alienated many die-hard Sanders supporters who otherwise would have voted for her in the general election.

While Gabbard has promised not to run as an independent should she fail to secure her party’s nomination, she doesn’t need to do so in order to sap votes from whoever does go on to challenge Trump.

As the divide against Hillary’s “old” Democratic Party and Gabbard, Yang, and Sanders’ newer Democratic Party widens, the fight threatens to cause a repeat of 2016.

Voters, bitter over Clinton’s intervention seemingly costing them a progressive outsider candidate, may very well stay home when Election Day rolls around.

Trump won the 2016 election by a thin margin.

Although Clinton claimed victory in the popular vote, Trump won the states that mattered — sometimes by a hair. If he can pull that off again, it could mean another four years of American success.

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