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Barbra Streisand Tweets Disgusting Cartoon of Pelosi Killing Trump with Her Heel

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Apparently, retweeting a cartoon showing the violent death of the president is totally cool under the current president. Just ask Barbra Streisand.

Streisand, better known these days as a liberal personage than as an entertainer, apparently thinks that Nancy Pelosi’s getting the best of her current showdown with President Donald Trump. Fair enough. There are plenty of appropriate ways to express one’s joy over this.

One way you probably shouldn’t — at least when you’re talking about the president being involved — is a political cartoon showing Trump being impaled on Pelosi’s high heels.

Here’s the cartoon Streisand retweeted, which we must warn you is graphic. Reader discretion is advised:

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Stay classy, Barbra.

The tweet referred to the now-famous photograph of Pelosi standing up during a meeting where Democrat leadership discussed the deteriorating situation in Syria with the president and White House staff.

Along with the photo, Trump had tweeted out the caption “Nervous Nancy’s unhinged meltdown!”

Pel0si, meanwhile, had the picture at the top of her Twitter profile as of Sunday morning.

Trump’s tweet has launched plenty of debate over whether the term “unhinged” is sexist and whether Trump tweeting the picture out was an example of patriarchal power dynamics at work.

Take a headline from the U.K. Guardian: “Pelosi and Trump summed up the patriarchy in one perfect snapshot,” which contained the sub-headline, “I doubt there’s any woman who hasn’t had her strength rebranded as ‘aggression’ – calling us ‘crazy’ is a tired old trick.”

So clearly, Trump’s tweet’s been discredited, as far as liberals are concerned. But posting a cartoon showing the president of the United States impaled on a woman’s high heel, blood dripping from his comically adipose body? That’s totally fine.

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Streisand’s had a busy weekend on Twitter, mind you, although most of it is the usual pap about how grave the crimes committed by Donald Trump are:

Which is just fine, if predictably Streisand-ish. None of these involve the president being impaled, after all.

Do you think Barbara Streisand went too far?

We play this game a lot, but imagine if this were Barack Obama. Any celebrity who tweeted something like this out wouldn’t just face suspension from the platform, but horrified commentators would pull off their hands from all the wringing. To say this would have career repercussions is putting it in the mildest possible terms.

With this, we just shrug.

It’s just Barbra being Barbra, after all. At no point do we assume that any responsibility is to be assigned or taken — except for supporters of that idiot Trump OMG how can you guys stand by him?

You look at the situation in stunned wonder, curious how anyone can’t see the double standard. But that’s why the old crack about double standards still holds: Without them, some people wouldn’t have any standards at all.

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