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Readers React: Trump’s military loss in Syria may be his most lasting legacy

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Re “Turkey, U.S. agree to 5-day pause in fighting” (Oct. 18): The U.S.-Turkey agreement is a joke. The US has withdrawn from Syria, and by Trump’s statements has no intension of returning. The purported agreement is for a temporary ceasefire, which hasn’t actually occurred, a removal of all the Kurds from their homes, wow that’s great for them, and a removal of the sanctions on Syria which have never actually been implemented. The reality is that the US has been defeated, has absolved itself of any further influence in Syria, has handed the country over to Assad, the Russians and Turkey. This is the most ignominious defeat that this country has suffered since the fall of Saigon, and our reputation throughout the world is left in tatters. All to satisfy one of Trump’s campaign promises. And he has the gall to call it a victory! This week will live in infamy.

Phil Kirk

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Trump doesn’t know how diplomacy works

The keystone is a central stone at the summit of an arch locking blocks together. President Trump removed the figurative U.S. keystone of blocks made up of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Kurdish Syria, 80,000 ISIS families that are prisoners held by Kurds, and Russia.

Below the tumbling blocks are vast oil fields held by the Kurds. The president’s decision, perhaps to divert attention from the impeachment investigation, may be his worst ever with oil at the bottom of a vast conflict that might engulf more than just the Middle East.

Ron Carrico

Mission Hills

No one should condone abandoning our allies

Re “Trump pulls forces from N. Syria” (Oct. 14): While President Trump searches for traitors among his staff, all he has to do is look in a mirror. Was it not traitorous of him to desert our Kurdish military allies who lost thousands while helping us to subdue the Islamic State?

Wouldn’t the hordes of innocent Kurdish refugees who now must bed down in the wilderness call him a traitor? Trump’s actions may be called traitorous, but let’s label them what they truly are — crimes against humanity.

Warren Dunn


Those who stand for truth deserve support

People who tell the truth and institutions that stand for it have and will continue to save our republic: Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame, Daniel Ellsberg, John Dean, Marie Yovanovitch. These people and others including Shepard Smith, when the focal point of history finds them, manifest the old-fashioned and culturally honed values of honesty and integrity we, as Americans, are privileged to share.

They, along with our tenacious Fourth Estate, serve to remind us of our goodness and our ability, once again, to believe in the American project that Abraham Lincoln saved and for which he gave his life.

William Franklin

Mission Hills

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