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Nestor to sweep along Atlantic Seaboard with heavy rainfall, gusty winds through Sunday

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While Nestor will lose wind intensity as it tracks over land, winds can still pack a punch along the coast, gusting between 40-50 mph.

Trees that are sitting in saturated soil can be more susceptible to toppling amid such wind gusts.

Should trees fall on power lines, localized power outages will be possible.

The wind will churn up rough seas from the Carolinas to the upper mid-Atlantic coast at the end of the weekend.

An uptick in wave action will reach southeastern New England by Monday.

“Small craft operations should consider keeping their vessels in port on Sunday along the mid-Atlantic coast,” Sosnowski said.

Cruise interests should also monitor Nestor’s progress as it tracks off the Eastern Seaboard.

“During early next week, Nestor has a chance of being captured and pulled toward New England as a non-tropical storm approaches from the Midwest,” Sosnowski said.

There will be a brief window on Monday in the wake of Nestor and ahead of the non-tropical storm when drier weather will return to the mid-Atlantic and milder air will move into the Northeast.

However, the non-tropical storm is likely to bring a period of rain and thunderstorms to the Northeast from Tuesday to Wednesday of next week. This will occur even if Nestor fails to get pulled northward.

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