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Female Caught Defecating Between Parked Cars Twice During Morning Jogs

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A female jogger has been leaving a little something extra for residents of one unlucky neighborhood in Paddington, Australia, who now have video footage to use in their hunt for the woman who defecates between parked cars.

Celebrity publicist Roxy Jacenko, 39, shared the videos in a since-deleted post to her Instagram account, according to Britain’s Metro. One video shows the woman leaving behind her gift to the neighborhood on Oct. 10. The second incident took place four days later.

“What has the world come to?” she captioned one video.

“The fact is no one should have to walk through or past human feces to enter their home or place of work,” Jacenko told the Daily Mail. “We will be hosing away today’s mess tomorrow … I think I would hose her given the chance!”

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Defecating in public is illegal in Australia. A conviction could carry a sentence of up to three months in jail and a $600 fine.

Jacenko said she and her neighbors have reviewed their video evidence, and are ready to take action.

“Now with the footage I am certain this should be much easier to bring criminal charges,” she told Australia’s “We have been sent a number of leads to the identity of the ‘poopetrator;’ these will be provided to the local police who are investigating this criminal act.”

The instances recorded on video are just the tip of the pile of crimes committed against common decency, she said, explaining that it has been happening multiple times a week for at least four weeks.

“The whole street has been wondering what is going on,” Jacenko said.

“We thought it must be a homeless person who had no other choice. You can only imagine our horror that it was a nimble young blonde on her regular jog of a morning,” she said.

The jogger must get a buzz off of being seen defecating, Jacenko said.

“She just appears to get a kick out of the location. With cameras on every angle of my headquarters this appears to heighten the desire as you would need to have your eyes closed to miss the fact you are being filmed.”

Jacenko is outraged at the continued messes.

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“Dog owners need to pick up their pooches’ poop. What is the world coming to when we have to hose down human feces to enter our premises and for our neighbors to enter their properties?” she said.

Jacenko said enough is enough.

“Why should my team need to walk through human feces to get to their place of work, we pride ourselves on having facilities and a space that’s beautiful and well maintained, to have to be fronted by this on walking into work is simply revolting,” Jacenko said.

“Even worse, the kids exposed to this who are simply playing outside their homes or walking to school at the Paddington public which is next door,” she said.

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