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Anonymous US military spouse writes letter to Kurds

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The wife of a Special Operations soldier who was stationed in the Middle East apologized to the Kurds in an open letter weeks after the Trump administration announced U.S. troops were leaving the region.

The writer, who asked to remain anonymous, published, “A letter to Kurdish soldiers from a U.S. military wife,” on CNN Friday afternoon.

Following her husband’s return home, he told her “stories of how the Kurdish people in Northern Iraq supported the troops, advised them, stood by them, fought shoulder to shoulder with them in combat, and became allies and friends. And I became grateful — immensely, unwaveringly, and forever grateful for you.”

She went on to say, “The Kurdish people are not nameless, faceless people across the world. You hold a place of honor and respect in our home. It’s important to me that all of you know that. I owe you so much.”

The writer then addressed the ongoing fighting between the Kurds and Turkey, calling the violence “promises broken, progress destroyed, years of hard work and unimaginable sacrifice gone” and adding that she “see[s] allies betrayed.”

“It’s hard to imagine how difficult it is for American soldiers to hear a partner and ally’s calls for help and not be allowed to answer them. It’s also hard to imagine you [the Kurds] having to turn to Putin or the Assad regime for support because you could no longer count on Americans to keep their promise,” the letter continued. “It breaks my heart.”

The woman offered her gratitude and prayers before signing the letter, “A Grateful Wife.”

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