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3 Money Moves I did On My 20s I Don’t Regret; And How I Left Self-Pity.

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Having 23 years old is scary. I don’t want to miss out. I want to have it all and I want to balance my personal life but I can’t decide.

Since I started college I have seen people who go in debt for education, and I saw many of my friends who had nice cars and at some point I felt jealous but after I knew that the money they are spending on their “cool stuff” were not theirs but their parents, let’s say jealously was not an issue anymore.

Now, married with a 2-year-old is another story. I see moms with their boys very well dressed, their mommy vans, their nice phones, their big houses… I was about to feel the same way as I was in college but the same question came to my mind:

“Where did the money come from?”

I was a work-study student back then and my mom gave me money gas and with my nice $1k refund check each semester I bought my books and I managed it to have my own “nice stuff”.

Now as an adult that has to work to pay off debt, I see that most of these people I felt so jealous; they are broke.

One nice car can be around $25,000–$35,000. Car payment of $550.

Mmmm… I’ll pass.

I don’t want to live a life I owe. It is not mine.

My 3 money moves were:

  1. Live below my wants and be content. Did you see that? I didn’t put my “needs” in there. I can meet my needs. I can’t afford my wants now. I don’t want to be a frugal person either. I don’t fit there. I want to make a budget for when I buy clothes, but I will buy clothes once every full moon.
  2. Opened accounts in over one bank. I think this is my best one. I have tried several banks and I know my reasons I prefer one and not the other. Not affiliations with anyone. Period.
  3. Be open about my wants with my family. I was one of these girls that never wanted to share my wants because I was being arrogant. I wanted a MacBook Air for years. I know is expensive. I know right now was not in the budget but I will do a plan to afford it.

Money moves are about changing perspective.

And I believe everyone’s needs and wants are different and THAT IS FREAKING OK.

Stop thinking about fit in. I haven’t invested. I don’t have a 401k or a Roth IRA. I know what they are, but I know now is not my time.

So, instead of being self-pity “oh, I wish I could have more money,” “oh, I wish I could have a better car,” “oh, I wish I could have more followers,”.

STOP IT. You are enough.

If you work from 8:30 to 5:00, that’s good. That’s what brings food to the table, that’s better than not having anything.

Hey, I dream of being an entrepreneur. I study. I work. I am a wife and a mom. Oh, and also I am a military spouse and I am about to go through my first deployment.

I get it.

But let’s be real. Real is my new word. Real is my new mojo.

Be real, be you, and do those money moves.

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