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When my son Reilly was in 5th grade we discovered he had to have hip reconstruction surgery. He insisted on waiting until he passed his Black Belt test a few months later. He was in a wheelchair for a couple of months during 6th grade recovering.

I still marvel at how his little sister stepped up to help take care of him. To watch his friends wheel him around and carry his stuff for him at middle school — the memory still warms my heart.

A year later I had to have both my knees replaced. I had the surgeries 6 weeks apart, I didn’t want to go through the whole thing again a year or two later (I have kids to take care of) and doctors warned me NOT to have them both done at the same exact time. I’m glad I listened.

WOW what a challenging time! A Hospital bed in the family room for 2 holiday seasons in our house due to our orthopedic issues.

We fundraise for the Heroes Project because we want to help the injured soldiers and their families and we feel so grateful for our own limbs. Reilly and I appreciate that we were able to get out of those wheelchairs, we realize many can not.

To risk life and limb (literally) for the safety of our Country is an overwhelming thought. Tears well up at the pride but also the concern as Reilly nears military service age himself. Not knowing what the future holds we move forward cherishing every moment.

Tune in to the audio show if you’d like to hear more about our experience. Perhaps something in my shares on the podcast will help enrich your life in some way today.

This is the link to Apple Podcasts which is already on your device if you have an iphone 👉🏼 The show can also be found on over a dozen other platforms across the globe including Spotify, Google Play Music, Podbean and Castbox to name a few. Find it on your favorite audio platform for FREE and if you like it share it with a friend or give reviews. Be careful of the titles if you stop by and browse through the library-full range of content.

By the way — what happened? How is my son taller than some of the soldiers and do you see that cute pup? Also, please notice both WOMEN and MEN in our brave military risk ALL.

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