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Students Defend Bernie’s Miserly Charity Donations

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Some shocked college students couldn’t help but defend Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders after it was revealed that while the wealthy democratic socialist wants to give away other people’s money, he isn’t willing to part with much of his own.

Students at Dartmouth College in nearby New Hampshire were asked by Campus Reform what percentage of Sanders’ million-dollar income they thought the politician donated.

Answers were as high as 75 percent, illustrating the socialist’s kind and generous cult image among young liberals.

In the real world, however, Sanders’ donations to charity totaled less than 1 percent of his income in 2016.

In an interesting twist, most millionaires average charitable donations exceeding 5 percent of their income, according to Business Insider.

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This is obviously a target Sanders is unable — or unwilling — to meet.

Students were quick to jump to the avowed socialist’s defense.

“I just think that it’s his money,” one student said. “He can do what he wants with it.”

Do you think Bernie Sanders is a hypocrite for donating so little to charity?

Another student, proudly wearing a “Bernie” T-shirt, even defended the senator by claiming that charity isn’t the best way to help those in need.

“I don’t believe the best way to help the poor is by giving to charity,” he said, adding, “The best way to support the poor is through systematic intervention — government intervention.”

If it’s systematic intervention he wants, Bernie Sanders is a guaranteed way to get it.

The economic intervention in one of Bernie’s favorite socialist countries, Cuba, is so systematic that public transportation has been reduced to horses and buggies in the wake of a major fuel shortage.

The poorest in Cuba are also being forced to rely on medieval methods of heating and cooking with wood thanks to the abject failure of socialist economic planning.

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Not every student was willing to shill in defense of Sanders’ pitiful charity donations.

“Oof,” one student exclaimed after hearing how little the democratic socialist actually gave away from his own personal hoard. He went on to say how hypocritical it was for Bernie to target millionaires while being one himself.

“He’s always talking about the 1 percent, maybe that’s the 1 percent he gave to charity,” another student quipped.

Although it’s clear Bernie Sanders is not willing to part with the wealth that he unashamedly bashes others for, many supporters of the democratic socialist apparently are willing to accept that hypocrisy.

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