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Some Thoughts on Trump’s Global Campaign to Decriminalize Homosexuality

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Heading the campaign is U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell (holding cup), seen here with John Bolton

Note: based on a Twitter Thread

A friend said to me that he thought that Trump was given unfair treatment by the left press and lgbt activists on lgbt issues, because they either ignored or derided any examples which didn’t fit their ‘Trump the homophobe” narrative. I replied with something to the effect: ‘Whenever the government starts focusing on the human rights issues of another country or region, it probably means that it has something they want, and they need to manufacture hostility against that locale in preparation for a possible invasion. The altruism is just a PR mask covering up less noble intentions.’ I had to admit, though, that while I had a vague memory of reading that the global initiative was backed by neocons, I couldn’t remember details. Was I just reflexively making assumptions?My statement did, after all, seem to be the kind of thing I would say, and I wondered if I’d just demonstrated evidence of echo chamber overexposure, of the sort that I might criticize in others. I said I’d look into it, and made a rather cocky prediction.


The near-assumption (as it was based on a hazy recollection) asserted during conversation that the campaign to decriminalize homosexuality was just a neocon ploy would totally pan out when checked, and that, furthermore, I could make this prediction based on my previously stated understanding of how the world works.

Establishment political theories are junk in that they don’t lead to accurate predictions. (Trump in handcuffs for collusion! Iraq will flourish!)

According to NBC news back when the campaign was announced, while “officials say it’s likely to include working with global organizations like the United Nations, the European Union and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe” (Trump ever the globalist neoliberal shill), and will focus on several regions, Iran played a particular role in its conception: “Narrowly focused on criminalization…the campaign was conceived partly in response to the recent reported execution by hanging of a young gay man in Iran, the Trump administration’s top geopolitical foe.” Heading the campaign is Richard Grenell, U.S. Ambassador to Germany. Grenell is gay, but he also happens to be…wait for it…a major war hawk when it comes to Iran.

Grenell actually stems from the same region of the swamp as John Bolton, being appointed U.S. spokesman to the U.N. by George W Bush and serving as his colleague during Bolton’s tenure as U.S. ambassador to the U.N. In fact, Grenell was a major candidate to replace Bolton as Trump’s National Security Advisor! (It’s gotta be a perilously slippery, pond-scummy mess under that DC revolving door.)

So it will come as no surprise that Grenell has been aggressively promoting deadly sanctions against Iran. Apparently, the gay people that he has so much concern for there will need to go through a hunger and economic collapse phase before they get to enjoy the freedoms that it will somehow usher in. (They may also have to go through an “occupation” phase as well, but hey, trust the plan.) And as U.S. ambassador to Germany, Grenell has not been afraid to give ultimatums in regard to Iran sanctions – to Germany!

You hear that, German companies in Iran? Grenell says it’s time to turn those “open” signs around:

There’s nothing that endears the people of a small nation to a larger nation than the knowledge that the larger nation crippled “critical sectors” of their economy. Other than perhaps when the larger nation clearly supports all of your nation’s enemies.

If Bolton ever again finds himself in a position to try to win the “hearts and minds” of the Iranian (or Syrian) people by sitting down with one of their representatives in his office, he needs to take this picture off of his desk.

Actually, Grenell would like to extend his ultimatum to all of Europe’s companies, stealing a page right out of the “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists” playbook he helped craft:

“They have a choice. Either you can do business with Iran, or you can do business with the United States, but you can’t do both.”

But as ambassador to Germany, Grenell isn’t finished telling Europe who they can do business with, and it’s not limited to Iran. There’s another geopolitical foe that needs to whither in isolation before it can be saved – Russia!!!:

“Companies that ‘work to bring more Russian influence to Europe’ by helping build the Nord Stream 2 pipeline ‘may find themselves unable to also work on U.S. projects,’ Ambassador Ric Grenell told [The Daily Mail]”.

Grenell also “declared that companies involved with the pipeline ‘are actively undermining Ukraine and Europe’s security’”.

So, in conclusion, a long time neocon, at a critical globalist/neoliberal power nexus which has recently shown increased predatory tendencies towards Iran, is suddenly spearheading an initiative to help out its gay people – while concurrently starving them. Okay.

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