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More Undercover CNN Footage Emerges, Appears To Show Network Picking Favorites Among Democratic Field

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Project Veritas has released part two of its undercover video of CNN, and it shows the network’s leaders talking about the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates and appearing to pick favorites.

The audio and videos were secretly recorded and provided to Project Veritas by Cary Poarch, a contractor who was working for CNN at the network’s bureau in Washington, D.C.

“I just want us to have a free and fair election,” Poarch said. “We get the information presented to us and we can pull the lever for whoever we want.”

But from the footage Poarch captured over a series of months, there is rampant bias all over the company, starting from the top.

In a 9 a.m. rundown call, CNN President Jeff Zucker and CNN Vice President and Political Director David Chalian talked about Democratic candidate Andrew Yang.

Zucker asked Chalian if they were taking Yang seriously enough.

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“We should definitely be looking at why Andrew Yang is resonating,” Chalian replied. “Do I think he’s a likely nominee? No, I don’t.”

According to CNN Media Coordinator Christian Sierra, the network treats some presidential candidates differently, particularly “Yang and [Minnesota Sen. Amy] Klobuchar.”

Does this bias against certain candidates surprise you?

“Just ’cause they’re going to talk about [former Vice President Joe] Biden more, [Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth] Warren and [Vermont Sen. Bernie] Sanders. They’re not going to mention others,” he said. “They want to cover the people who are on the top. They don’t want to cover the bottom.”

It is also clear who CNN does not like.

“I think the one they don’t like is Tulsi, they don’t like [Hawaii Rep.] Tulsi Gabbard,” Sierra said. “Because she supports [Syrian President Bashar] Assad and she is, she’s not taking a conventional route when it comes to one policy, stuff like that.”

Even though it is pretty clear Zucker wants a Democrat to be president, Sierra doesn’t know if the CNN president has a favorite.

“He donated before to Kamala Harris when she was running for Senate in California. Um, but, I think he kind of likes [South Bend, Indiana, Mayor] Pete [Buttigieg], but I can tell he also likes Biden and Warren,” Sierra said.

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As Project Veritas reported, it seems that for Zucker, the election reporting is more about ratings and less about providing fair coverage.

In another phone call, the CNN president said the network should cover Harris’ call to suspend President Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

“It’s not going to happen, but I think it’s a good segment in the show,” Zucker said.

According to footage of CNN Media Coordinator Nick Neville, broadcasting Biden’s rallies would not be good for ratings.

“They probably think it’s boring. I mean, Biden rallies are like, ugh,” he said. “People would change the channel.”

As CNN is preparing to host Tuesday night’s Democratic debate, Poarch said the network should “just get back to the facts and get back to reporting news” if it wants to be a reliable news outlet.

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